[RPG] Love Rebellion – Hentai RPG ver.2016-12-31 [English-Uncen]

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Developer/Publisher: SythmanG
Release: 2016-12-31
Work Format: RPG
Genre: 3DCG, 2D Game, Fantasy, Male Protagonist, Monster Girl, Harem, Puzzle, Combat, Turn Based Combat, Multiple Endings

20 years ago, the mother of the hero was killed by an evil spider and the father has disappeared. Since that moment, the hero lives with his little sister Mira in a peaceful village. But the world is more and more uncertain and the spiders army is waiting in the underground for their time. For an unknown reason a young girl is hunted by villains. The hero decides to help the girl, not knowing that this event starts his biggest adventure.​

Character Progression menu similar to FinalFantasy 10
Alchemy Crafting System
Tons of Minigames
Side Quests
Tons of 3DCG Pictures (1000+)
Fast Battle System
Huge World to Explore
2 Endings
Amazing Bad English

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