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Released: May/01/2015
Translator: Saikey NTR Studios
Work Format: Visual Novel
Genre:  Breasts, Childhood Friend, School / Academy, Cuckoldry (Netorare), Ahegao / Gapeface, Big Breasts
File size:  1.4 GB

Japanese title: Daremo ga Kanojo wo Neratteru.
(lit., “Everyone Is Targeting The Girlfriend/Her”)

Naginohara Private Academy student president Ayano Shirasaki and morality officer Takumi Mamiya went way back—they were childhood friends.

Ten years later they were close as ever, but until now—still just childhood friends.
Now, Takumi had revealed his true heart, and at winter’s end and new year’s beginning, they were lovers.

As president and officer their relationship had to stay secret, but they sneaked in a kiss here and there and continued to date.
They’d been together their whole lives, and now they’d live the rest together too. It was like a storybook romance. And in six more months, they’d be graduated.

…… It was happy days for the couple.
They were blissfully unaware of a dark and brooding confluence.

Envious eyes looked upon Ayano and Takumi and the open secret of their affection.
—A thug with a powerful, influential father.
—A student who is bullied by that thug.
—A janitor whose outward friendliness belies his nature.
Their hearts were broken, their hopes dashed. Whose plot to to ruin the couple’s happiness would succeed?

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