[ACT] Nifa’s First Mission [English-Uncen]

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Developer: Ponkotsu Maker
Publisher: Kagura Games
Released: 29 Jul, 2023
Work Format: Action
File Size: 855 MB

Nifa is a young elven knight. While out patrolling, her village is attacked by orcs, leaving her the only knight still in fighting shape. To make matters worse, the brutish orcs took a great number of prisoners, including the elven princess! It’s now up to Nifa to track down and rescue the captives before it’s too late!

Fight and platform your way through a variety of stages filled with dangerous foes of all kinds. Use your sword to challenge them directly or your bow to snipe them from afar.

Exploration is sure to pay off, as stages are filled with all kinds of collectibles, some of which can even be used to strengthen Nifa.

Key Features:
Develop Your Abilities
Throughout the game, you will collect Lilna Flowers which can be used to upgrade Nifa’s stats and learn new moves.

Wide Variety of Stages
Embark on a grand journey across the continent, visiting a number of unique locales along the way.

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The absolute jankiness of the controls and the walls of text made me kinda don’t want to play this a lot.

Looks fine, but it is so frustrating to play.