[SLG] Leane of Legitimate Crown ver.1.51 [English]

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Alias: Leane 2
Circle: Makura cover soft
Release: Feb/28/2017
Translation: MetroidSuperFan
Work Format: Simulation
Genre: Fantasy, War/Battlefield, Harem, Cuckoldry (Netorare), Pregnancy/Impregnation, Magician/Witch, Voiced, Animated, Strategy, RPG, Simulator, NTR, Male protagonist, Vaginal sex, Oral sex, Creampie, Rape, Titfuck, Slave, Teasing, Groping, Group sex, Multiple endings, Corruption, BDSM, Handjob, Ahegao
File Size: 1.22GB

Translator Notes:
This is the first time I’ve ever done any translation work, so I hope the quality isn’t too bad. Naturally, I expect there are some typos I have missed, so if people could point them out when they see them, I will correct those and upload a fixed patch. I will probably also be shortening the item descriptions, because some of them I think go off the screen at the moment.

There are a handful of lines in the game’s interface that were not translated, mainly because I couldn’t figure out where the hell the text was in the game files. However, these are all very minor and I don’t believe they will impact people’s ability to play the game.

A full scale game system with 2 different well designed H systems included!
A Country Conquest Style Strategic Fantasy Simulation Game with heaps of content!
Aim to unify the continent with a selection of over 60 different commanders.
Among those commanders, 13 of them are female!

* You can choose from 3 countries to start with. Meaning, 3 different stories!

* We have implemented a much anticipated “Harem System”! [NTR]
In the country that you select, there exists a “King”.
That King will demand for your female commanders to become part of his Harem.
His Royal Guards will chase the female commanders around the map.
If they are caught by the guards, they will be put in the King’s Harem and forced
to have baby making sex >> get pregnant and give birth the the next heir.

* As with the previous Leane game, the “Prisoness System” remains! [NTR]
If the female commanders are captured by the enemy… You know what.
If you don’t hurry and save them, they will be corrupted and eventually…
New features and the number of girls have increased for an upgraded experience!

* A rich variation of clothing for each heroine (on average x 15)
Normal battle wear, casual, lingerie, naked (of course), multiple harem costumes,
post-corruption enemy clothing, pregnant belly, camisole, etc!!

* We’ve put even more work into the strategic part of the game!
Spies, solicitation, building, skill editing, RPG features, etc.
This is an erotic + game = EROGE! in the full sense of the word.
You can set the difficulty from really easy to hard. Up to you!

* Over 130 special attacks and magic. All animated!

* Plenty of in game Erotic Events! Over 100 in fact!!
* CG and Scenario are likewise full fledged.
70 base CG! + variations = 1000+ !!!
The scenario text is over 2MB! About the same as a full commercial game!
You can skip the text if you want (even if you haven’t read it already)

* Of the female commanders, 9 of them are fully voiced heroines!
Contains over 5000 voice clips!

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I got this error, not only this game but also some other games, how can I fix it https://imgur.com/BWCfSsD


You need to launch the game with Japanese Local Emulator, you can find it here https://pooi.moe/Locale-Emulator/ . Just install it and run it the same way ot says on the site, the game should work.


Thank you it works like that.


Thanks, the link for me not working but found an other Locale Emulator


I made an account specifically to comment on this game. Never in my life, have i felt such genuine hate for a character. Whose actions blossomed into my hate for all of the other characters. No spoilers of course, Playing this game was a long grind that built you up to be so happy and excited, you felt romance begin to blossom among the characters and you are so happy to see and know how everything is going to turn out. But then it begins to go downhill and everything is ripped from you. All of the happiness you felt… Read more »


70% my fault for not looking at the tag (netorare) but i want to slay that m*therf*c*** if i can, i thought i will be the king and enjoy my harem but no that m*therf*cke** took it and HE WANTS MORE. I delete it right away f*ck that game, f*ck*ng TRASH


Sorry for swearing.


im so fucking idiot , i wish i would read your comment fucking faster before this game curse me


Bro… there is not harem ending for the game but you can have a good ending with some of the girls, given of course you are able to prevent your chosen one to fall in the hands of the king or the enemies.

Is not that hard to preven heroines to end in the moronic king harem, in fact.


This game is FUCKING CURSED ! if you love your time DO NOT DOWNLOAD IT !!!!!!!
[/spoiler](Little Spoil: if you dont like your beloved heroine get fucked up by fucking ugly bastard asshole DO NOT PLAY THIS)


Actually, you can prevent all that to happen if you are smart enough…


Certix18 is there a way to send you a PM? I have some questions about this game and I don’t want to make spoilers here


Yikes, even tho there was a NTR tag, I wasn’t expecting this. Because of how this story goes it makes you lower your guard and then you realise you aren’t the MC you ecpect to be xD.


First time i see a game turned from 100 to 0 in one scene…



the more talking about how cursed this game is, the more curious i’m getting.
oh well, to hell I go