[Puzzle] Satori Five! ver. [JP-EN-CH]

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Circle: Laboratory Zero
Released: Mar/11/2021
Product format: Puzzle
Genre: Moe, Touhou Project, Loli, Lovers, Softcore, Eroticism
File size: 367.26 MB

Satori Five is a leisure game that combines chess, go, and shougi. Join Satori Komeiji for the fifth in our series of exciting challenges! She’ll tell you about her life while you play, too.

[* May 2022: There have been user reports that online multiplayer / matching is no longer functioning.]

The tcpforRMXP210305.dll game file may be terminated by Windows security.
(If this happens, you will need to set an exception for the file for the game to run.)

The game includes bonus content like HQ game art, HQ versions of the BGM, and PSD format files of some of the game’s images.

2 base CGs (with many variations)
3 different difficulty settings that change the rules
Also features different display options

Points will be displayed after victory and used to unlock CGs. Change the rules around in and get even more points!

Basic rules remain the same between difficulties, but on Hard your pieces’ abilities will change…

Piece Abilities
Infantry: Attack enemy pieces from both sides.
Cavalry: Attack enemy pieces from both sides. Takes the enemy’s place after a successful attack.
Tank: Attack enemy pieces from both sides. Has armor that can shake off attacks.
Machine Gun: Can attack in the 8 spaces around them. Careful! It may hit your own pieces, too. Surrounding infantry will attack the enemy in tandem.
Howitzer: Attack enemy pierces from both sides. Will attack enemy pieces within 3 spaces if surrounded by friendly infantry.
Artillery: Attack enemy pieces in a cross shape. All pieces within the cross will be destroyed, regardless of faction or armor.
Fortress: Armored to withstand two attacks. If next to a friendly piece, its armor will be increased by one.
Vice Admiral: Has all infantry abilities (can attack and withstand attacks) . Switches places with enemies after attacking.
Battleship: Can destroy all enemy units within two spaces, and is then removed from the board.

The kappa’s duty is to protect the ruins of the Hell of Blazing Fires.. and to pass the time, she brought along a shougi set. It’s supposedly boring, but is very popular among tengu and kappa. Her set is different, though. It includes pieces like machine guns and artillery! There’s no explanation for what they do, but Satori doesn’t mind. She’s quite good at stories, after all… So she made her own rules!

She calls it Daishougi Five! But it wasn’t exactly fun playing all by herself. She may have all the strategies down, and she can even tell what you’re thinking… but there may be a way for you to win!

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If any download asks for a password to unzip, the password is: fapforfun
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