[SLG] Monster Girl Club Bifrost + Addon ver.1.12a [English-Uncen]

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Alias: Bifrost’s Brothel Of Mamono
Developer/Publisher: Midnight Pleasure/ Remtairy
Release: 2020-03-23
Work Format: Simulation
Genre: adventure, bdsm, big-tits, bukkake, corruption, creampie, fantasy, footjob, internal-view, loli, male-protagonist, management, masturbation, monster-girl, multiple-penetration, oral-sex, prostitution, romance, simulator, slave, spanking, teasing, tentacles, titfuck, trainer, urination, vaginal-sex, virgin, voyeurism
File Size: 446MB

Game play basic and tips

Pay back your debt to the Grim Reaper in this management simulation game! You’re a monster trainer in an up-and-coming nightclub where the lovely ladies of the night are enslaved monster girls trained by you. Win your freedom back no matter what it takes!

Over twenty different types of monster girls including types like Harpy, Werewolf, Lamia, Mermaid, Minotaur, Cyclops, Slime and Mummy! Over twenty different endings! Can you escape your life of debt while finding true love? Ingame achievements! New game plus bonuses! Start your next game with powerful advantages even if you failed to pay back your debt in time!

Fixed the game freezing when the clients get way too satisfied.
Fixed the training buttons being grayed out even when the monster girl has stamina.
Made the number animation go by a bit faster during Night Phase when the numbers are really high.
Fixed a display error with club experience when clients extend their time.
Made the maximum amount of Mood that can be gained during Night Phase to 100.
Minor bugs and typos fixed.

Fixed the Exchange Room behaving weirdly for some people.
Fixed client’s demand not being displayed properly when they want more than 5 stars.
Fixed a crashing bug related to charmed clients.
Fixed the wrong monster girl type name being displayed when switching monster girls from the reserves to the active group.
Fixed the text in the ending list overlapping when there are too many potential endings. You playboy.
The “Winged” race type has been renamed to “Avian” to hopefully avoid confusion.
Fixed the message that appears when you try to enter an invalid name for a monster girl in the English version.
Minor bugs and typos fixed.

Fixed the Skip button being broken because of the v1.11d update. Milia really gave me an earful last night for this one…
Fixed the pages buttons for the Carry Over screen.
Changed the Lv. indicators for We’re Closed and We’re Opened sign so that it’s less confusing.
Minor bug and typos fixed.

Fixed the text skipping in certain situations even though the Auto Skip Read Text was turned off and the CTRL key wasn’t being actively pressed down. As a reminder also, holding down the CTRL will also skip all text if you find your text is skipping!
Fixed the cursor placement when the naming window pops up if Auto Cursor Placement is turned on.
Fixed the Soft and Hard Training Level displaying incorrectly on the home screen.
Minor bug and typo fixed.


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How do u unlock all cg for Milia? Is it possible that we make her into a girl in the club like the others?

Trenton Reid

My laptop blocked the .exe 3 or 4 times (already beat it once) then my laptop deleted the .exe

Trenton Reid

This game has viruses. 2 trojan viruses according to a scan.


Excellent game, thanks!


Good game and Yuki-onna best ending :,)




Malware bytes detected EXE as Malware
Virustotal detected 21 of mixed trojan, malware and other types: https://www.virustotal.com/gui/file/cbf79b79cf52dbd388221d1104be104c86a46dc775238df4c5a433f8f97cad6e/detection


The game screen appears disproportionate to the text. Part of the screen on the sides is cut which consequently cuts text placed there. Is there any way to fix it?


Do you have any recommendations on other games for this managing genre?
I’m in love with this one and I would like to find more of the same!

Last edited 3 years ago by MinaAshidoWorshiper

Хорошая игра


Quite easily the best and my most favorite H-Game I’ve ever played. It revovles around sex, its quick, its easy, its FUN, its REWARDING. Everything one could ask for. Well translated to English. I wish more games could be like this. Tyvm for the upload!


damn this is one of the best game i play i regret not founding sooner


I just finished this 8 hours non stop LMAO! Good game
Drawing 4/5
Game : 5/5
Voice : Non Existent
Story : 4/5
Total : 5/5 It’s very good game with its genre
Downside is idk if there’s free mode, coz I’d like to have one.


Good game


  • Story leaves much to be desired. Characrwe motivations aren’t clearly explained
  • Some soundtracks are very low quality