[ACT] HACHINA ver.1.9 [JP-EN-CH]

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Circle: hakkaku
Released: Oct/07/2023
Product format: Action
Genre: Female Protagonist, Masturbation, Sexual Training, Restraint, Hypnosis, Anal, Tentacle, Interspecies Sex
File size: 470.19 MB

To change Languages, select the 4th option on the title and the bottom left option inside.

1753. The third year of the Houreki period.

A little before the Tokugawa Shogunate was established around 1603, huge insects began to appear all over Japan.
Different from the yokai and other creatures that lurked the mountains, these monsters posed a serious threat to the livelihoods of the people who lived there.

Hachina walks alone through the mountains of Tanba Province.
A traveling medicine woman who works to stem the neverending flood of insects, she pays a visit to a village…

Game Details
* Extreme Erotic Action!
Wield a naginata and cut your way through enemies in fast-paced combat!
From small bugs that will attach themselves to you to huge monsters that can swallow you whole, there’s a wide variety of enemies and escalating erotic events such as restraint, hypnosis, and status conditions that linger even after you escape! Slash through your foes before they corner you!

* Parasites, Hypnosis, and Bondage, Oh My!
As she runs, the parasite squirming deep inside her forces her to stop…
Hypnotized by the enemy and placed into a daze…
Unable to remove embarrassing, compromising clothing…
When bound, whether you resist or submit will affect the development of her body!

* Hachina is a traveling medicine woman, helping those afflicted by these terrible insects.
The medicine she brings to those villages without doctors is their only lifeline. Assess their symptoms and treat them accordingly.
What dark forces are pulling the strings of those who fight to cure the diseases brought by the insects…?

Jan/20/2024 – Bug fixes
ver.1.9 Bug fixes

Jan/17/2024 – Miscellaneous
ver.1.8 Reminiscence menu translation correction

Nov/13/2023 – Bug fixes
ver1.7 Bug fixes(10/30Fixed, 11/13Upgrade notification added)

Oct/16/2023 – Bug fixes
ver1.6 Bug fixes

Oct/10/2023 – Bug fixes
Ver1.5 Bug fixes

Oct/08/2023 – Bug fixes
Ver1.4 Bug fixes

Oct/07/2023 – Bug fixes
Ver1.3 Bug fixes

Oct/07/2023 – Bug fixes
ver1.2 Bug fixes

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download corrupted or a virus. First download attempt created no file, even though it was seeding. Second, I have set a destination and the rar got created, but wouldn’t open, and extracting said there’s a virus or potentially unwanted software. Both download links failed… edit: works fine now

Last edited 7 months ago by asdqw13313513rfwfq1

Downloaded and unpacked fine.


For some reason the C skill is with a strong delay on the final boss fight anyone having this too?
specially on the second fase, it make the fight soooo boring

Last edited 7 months ago by nby2

are links down for anyone else or just me?


MAKE SURE TO SAVE YOUR GAME BEFORE ENTERING THE GOLDEN MANSION. There is a glitch detailed at the bottom of this comment. Change the language by selecting the second-to-last option from the Main Menu, then scrolling down to the last selection on the Options menu. Default is Japanese, but clicking once should change it to English. Solid game, same maker as Mission Mermaiden (this game is also on FapForFun). Lots of QoL improvements over MM, although I wish there was a 3rd faction of enemies, or a human faction to fight. There are multiple cutscenes you can find based on… Read more »

Last edited 7 months ago by blitzeternal

YES Thank you so much for the update!!! This is an awesome game that just needed a few bug fixes!!


does anyone know how to get the last medicine? the one where you use all the ingredients to make?


Here is some game tips: To defeat the final boss during their 2nd Phase, you must use only magic attacks that will pierce though the enemy’s magic barrier, you can craft some items that give you MP and keep them in there, will you use them whatever you try the magic attack. You can get 2 hidden equipments throughout the journey: You can get Magachite Magatama in the Hidden Silver Mine, just look up for some high platforms at the left right of a certain room, then use the UP ATTACK SKILL near some enemies to gain speed boost on… Read more »