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Developer: Kudarizaka Ga-dore-ru
Publisher: Kagura Games
Released: 2 Sep, 2023
Game Format: RPG
Genre: Female protagonist, Humiliation, Tentacle, Tease, Transforming, Superpowers, Big Titss, Big ass, Vaginal sex, Monster girl
File Size: 681 MBThe Olicts, a variety of monsters that prey exclusively on humanoids, are becoming abnormally active in and around Leia, with the change seeming to be inspired by a Gem Olict, the succubus-like Cloudy, who has a history with Quarta Amethyst, a knight of the Quarta Order sworn to defend the innocent from the Olict menace. What are the Olicts after, and can Amethyst brave all their traps to eliminate the threat, or will they prey on her essence?

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rather enjoyable, if grindy (at least if you plan to defeat all minions per map). The few characters were fun and was looking forward to the game’s conclusion. Has a few bugs, one of which causes you to lose a save, triggered when the menu opens and the player’s character has some image component the game can’t load, so save often. Didn’t repeat for me much after the first map. I tried inserting a blank “.png” file to fix it, but failed. There were 2 modes of playing for me: 1.. with 0 afflictions where I instakilled all enemies each… Read more »

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