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Developer: 傾世遊庵
Publisher: WASABI entertainment
Released: 8 Sep, 2023
Work Format: RPG
File Size: 571 MB

*About the game
Play as an alchemist on the run who’s been banished from her Kingdom!
No weapons, no allies, and no human rights!
The conspiracies… The humiliation…
Use your skills as an alchemist to survive!

*Game system
-A standard battle RPG. But the banished heroine is powerless.
Your only skill is alchemy. Create various items to beat your enemies.

-The basic game flow is as follows: Collect field items > Synthesize > Use item.
*Collect as much materials as possible for best results.

-No leveling up required!

-You’ll be asked to choose between TRUE and BAD routes.

-Once you beat the game, the recollection room will be unlocked.

*About naughty scenes

-Naughty scenes are triggered when you lose the battle or when you hit an event flag.
Watch out for various monsters trying to get Licia… Slime, tentacles, and more…

-Recollection room
Beat the game to unlock all scenes.

-No blood or gore

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