[ADV] Lustful Spirit Hunt ver.0.1.3 [JP-EN]

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Circle: LAG Studios
Released: Aug/31/2023
Product format: Adventure
Genre: Breasts, Dot / Pixel, Horror
File size: 451.59 MB

English users, change text size in option menu from 70 to 100.

In this game you play as Ted/Taichi who has just begun his ghost hunting adventures. Together with your assistant Luna/Tsukiko catch all those nasty ghost before they hunt you.

You have to capture ghost on the site you are currently investigating. Use tool at your disposal to find 3 out 7 evidences ghost produce. Then understand it’s behaviour and use correct tool to weaken it. Once the ghost is down you must have sex with it to capture it. For more information, check ‘How To Play’ section in pause menu.

Current Content:-
1) Ghosts :- There are 11 ghost you can catch in current update. Each ghost have different evidences or behaviours.
2) Contract :- There are 5 contract you can unlock.
3) Recruits :- There are 5 recruits that can be found in various levels. Each recruits give you different buffs.
4) Collectibles :- Open journal by pressing ‘escape’ or ‘Tab’ and go to collectible section for more info.

Language Support:- Game currently support English and Japanese (Machine Translate). It can be manually change by editing csv files in Streaming Assets folder of game.

whatareyou – reveals ghost name.
whereareyou – reveals ghost location.
runner – increase movement and no stamina consumption.
fuckyou – begins hunt regardless of fear meter and time.
lovemaker – increase climax speed by 300%.

Future Plans:-
1)Add 5 more contracts.
2)Add 9 more ghosts.
3)Other content.

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(google translate)

 the game is good, it’s a 2d Phasmophobia with H elements.

however, be warned that there is NTR (preventable and not preventable)
Not that I don’t like it, but just making it clear to those who don’t like it.


2D Phasmophobia parody. Good, but with some more polish could be great. If you’ve played Phasmophobia you’re going to be familiar with the gameplay, except its 2D sidescroller. Just a little confusing to traverse the bigger maps. A bit grindy. Unlocking places unlocks more ghosts. Two Sex scenes per ghost (she rapes you/vice versa), but some have a secret third sex scene. Can have sex with some of the people you can recruit, with more scenes if you get clothes/unlock stuff. Has a gallery. As for the art and animations, they’re decent. Has some NTR (which you technically do every… Read more »


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