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Circle: omoidashiwarai
Released: Aug/31/2023
Product format: Role-playing
Genre: First Experience Internal Cumshot Pregnancy / Impregnation Childbirth Violation Shame / Humiliation Interspecies Sex Ai Translation Patch
File size: 586 MB

・Positively Overflowing with Quality CGs and Pixel Art
With 100 different patterns of high-quality pose art, sexy CGs, and walking animations, you’ll be spoilt for choice!
Detailed pixel art H events with subtle changes depending on how you play! Something new for every playthrough.

・Created with “H Game” in Mind
The story of Violated Princess will continue even if you’re defeated. No need to save before an event to try and redo it should you fail!
There’s no complex level-up system, so you can focus purely on enjoying all the action.
At the end of almost every H scene, Serena will recover, and you can continue playing. The effects of those encounters will stay with her as you progress through the game.
When Serena is violated, she will fret, despair, risk getting pregnant, or worry about her relationship with her child. All of these are recorded in the Ero Status menu.

・All Violation, All The Time
Unlocking H events in-game is easy – all you need to do is play!
You’ll also see changes in Serena reflected in the H events.
There’s no need to work on certain stats to unlock certain scenes.
How you play is entirely up to you.

Ero System
Sexy pixel pose art!
Play the game all the way through with a big, pregnant belly! Almost every H scene has a pregnant belly variation.
Over 50 Ero Status items! Depending on your Ero Status, you’ll see different event dialogue.
Get impregnated by a human or 1 of 7 different types of monsters!
Each pregnancy has a birth scene, and Serena can breastfeed the new addition to the family. Any children she bears will be recorded in a family tree which you can view at your leisure.

Game System
Battles are fought in a standard bird’s-eye view action RPG-style.
Defeated in battle? Fear not – you won’t be sent to the Game Over screen! No need to redo! No need to stress about doing things perfectly! Just keep playing! Combat is set to a relatively high difficulty level to let you get as many H events as possible.
If you’re up for the challenge, you can even try to make it all the way through as a virgin.

Our heroine, Serena, is the daughter of the old, powerful house of nobility, Grazia.
Having been born a prodigy and receiving extensive training and education, she carries herself with a sense of aristocratic pride.
Though she spends all her time fulfilling her duties or deep in her studies and is constantly surrounded by servants, she is a lonely girl. Her only friend and comfort is her pet unicorn.
One day, her beloved unicorn is stolen.
Unable to sit idly by, she leaves home to track the thief and eventually ends up in Castrum, a city rife with greed and corruption.
No sooner has she arrived than the naive and sheltered Serena is relieved of her money. She is forced to work as an adventurer by day and dancer by night to recover her losses and search for her unicorn.
Her high qualities and noble lineage draw the scum of the city to her like moths to a flame.
Her days are spent battling the injustices, criminals, and monsters she encounters.
With memories of her unicorn at the forefront of her mind, no matter how many times she is knocked down, she presses on, believing that they will meet again.
Will her wish be granted?

Serena Fuoco Roux Prelante de le Grazia
The pure daughter of an esteemed, noble family with the largest domain in the country.
She has lovely golden hair and deep, red eyes. Though she is still inexperienced, her beauty captivates all who look upon her.
She is educated to an incredibly high level but is still naive and gullible.
Our story begins when her pet and only friend, a mythical unicorn, is stolen from her home.
The search for her dear friend leads her to Castrum, a city-state rife with greed and corruption.
What will she see there?
What will she lose?

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Currently in the middle of Act II, this game is perfect


okay so I feel like I should probably jump in here and just let people know, if you’re looking for a naïve girl being gradually corrupted by lewd men then think twice. While the protagonist is plenty naïve about sex and stuff the tone from the conversations is very mature, I went into it looking forward to corrupting this girl and half way through I decided that no matter what I would not allow anyone to sleep with her. The context of some of the scenes and story events is very mature, more so than I was expecting, if you’re… Read more »


I’ve played my share of hentai RPG games and this probably has some of the best art I’ve seen. While it is still pixel art, there so much variation, content and scenes. The story is also quite good for a hentai game, although it is very linear. Would definitely recommend, though the majority of the hentai scenes involve a loli, so if that’s not your cup of tea. As of posting this, keep in mind this is v1.00. There are a lot of bugs and some of them can hardlock your game. Make new saves often. Some moments I encountered… Read more »


There’s nothing crazy nsfw really early on, just some ecchi but the pixel animations are absolutely amazing and if what I’m hearing from the comments/description is true, this’ll be a great game. Only got to the part where you deliver food and was skipping stuff but will probably start over to actually read the story/scenes.


Violate Heroine finally got the real release!!!
I miss this game. I thought it will never get full release.
I hope they do release one with nanako too.
I do hope Violate Heroine wiki still update though.
Some event have a lot requirement in the past version I play.


LMFAO is on point when it comes to the subject.

Fuck, felt kinda awful corrupting this girl, the game actually made me feel kinda bad about thinking of doing so.
Ended up doing a full christianity run on this one since the gameplay isn’t that bad. (I only realized you can charge a ranged attack WAYYYYY too late in the game, It was like playing shitty dark souls)

However, if you do choose to abandon your humanity, scenes and art are really good.


A little bit of everything honestly. Character designs are fantastic in telling who someone is. MC has a futuristic minimalistic look for a twist on the pompous rich girl personality. Then you got the feisty sidekick who dons black mechanical armor. A thug, a brothel owner, a dominatrix posed as your physician, etc. A subtle detail is that sprites are unique to everything. Even H scenes have their own sprites that reflect the larger CG. That attention to detail is incredible. The game starts on a wholesome note. But still uses fetishism as the first arc progresses, and it benefits… Read more »


The game’s open-ended to the point where you can finish it with Serena, the protagonist, staying relatively pure, or after getting raped by almost every enemy in the game. Either way, one thing stays the same: Serena does not, and will never like sex at any point during the story. Staying true to the “Violated Princess” title, I suppose.   As a standalone title, this ranks above most of the RPG-Maker slop on the market. And yet, while this has many strengths over its “predecessor” – especially when it comes to overall game stability, lack of bugs, and actually completed… Read more »


is it possible to have the newest version of this here by any chance?