[RPG] Mireille and Amrita, the Forest of Illusions [English]

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Developer: 和菓子日和
Publisher: WASABI entertainment
Released: 28 Jan 2022
Game Format: RPG
Genre: female protagonist, big ass, big tits, vaginal sex, creampie, adventure, fantasy, oral sex, titfuck, hand job, tentacle, anal sex, multiple penetrations, censored, lactation, group sex, groping, pregnancy, monster girl, rape, prostitution, corruption, turn-based combat, monster
File Size: 757 MB

Full save included

All characters in this game are 18 or older.

Mireille was a nun living in a small village in the mountains.
One day, her sick father’s illness takes a turn for the worse.
To find the materials needed to cure his illness, the girl goes out on an adventure.

Main character, nun from Holst village.
Abandoned as a child and raised
by the priest of the church.
A kind and caring girl working as a nun.

[Game system]
Adventure RPG
“Everyone’s favorite, a classic RPG!”

Turn-based front view format
“Easy to learn combat system!”

Finishing moves
” “M boost”, used when TP reaches 100, can increase status significantly!”

“Bad status” available, which will affect the outcome of the fight!”

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Nice art short game (time mostly wasted on battle h you’ll will be stuck on a loop)


Didn’t have a sewing kit, next fight had 2 enemies, nearly infinite loop since there’s nothing to keep the enemies constantly molesting me and it seems to be totally random when she’ll power through an orgasm debuff. At first it was hot, then annoying, then funny, then really funny, then out of curiosity I let it run in the background while I did other stuff. Eventually she got up and I was able to get the next hit to finish off one of the enemies. Just a heads up to other people, there seems to be nothing in place to… Read more »