[ADV] Novice Alchemist Emily’s Misfortune ver.1.0.1 [JP-EN-CH]

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Circle: 姬愛電子遊戲研究所
Released: Jun/05/2023
Product format: Adventure
Genre: Woman’s Viewpoint, Female Protagonist, Fantasy, Softcore, Eroticism, Tiny Breasts
File size: 80.21 MB

In the fantasy kingdom, Emily, an alchemy apprentice, is summoned by her master to perform the kingdom’s Trials mission.
In order to become a full-fledged alchemist, Emily embarked on a perilous journey under the direction of her master.​

【Gameplay Method】
How to play roguelike card games, build your own deck of cards with random missions and battles and use powerful powers to complete missions. Every time you play, a new experience awaits you.

For each action, random elements of “story”, “reward”, and “battle” appear. Among the more than 20 types of cards, at least four combinations of cards of different genres are hidden. Build your own deck of cards and defeat powerful bosses.

【Game Features】
・ Roguelike card game playstyle
・ 2 basic decks, each with 2 or more playstyles
・ 3 special stages and 6 random events
・ 4 basic CG and more than 15 variation cards
・ 3 defeat endings

Language support for the game: Japanese (AI translation), English (AI translation), Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese
CG is created by AI.

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Probably a game made entirely by an AI, or at least 90% of it is. Not egregiously bad, but really bare bones. The game size speaks for itself, most H games have a few hundred to a gig in size. You can most likely see everything in less than an hour. (Which is pretty bad for a game in this era). Gameplay is a rougelike which I can’t say much since this is my first time playing that genre. All I can say is that the first level is the hardest. The card-based play is kind of fun. But I’m… Read more »

Last edited 5 months ago by Ecchitrail

Holy **** am I seeing 6 fingers in one of those CG??