[RPG] Holy Mother of God ver.1.1_MOD1 [English]

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Circle: Studio Sirocco
Released: May/30/2021
Translator: JustXuX
Product format: Role-playing
Genre: Mature Woman / MILF, Married Woman, Cuckoldry (Netorare), Cuckoldry (Netori), Elder Girl x Younger Boy, Tall Person, Big Breasts, Voluptuous / Plump
File size: 574.56 MB

This work is set before the first installment, Bewitching Sword.
The protagonist is Anna (Rose’s mother).
She has never been intimate with any man other than her husband, Yoakim, whom she loves.
However, her overly kind personality, which she herself doesn’t worry about, can lead to dangerous situations…
Yoakim (husband) is skilled with a sword, tall, and handsome.
He appears to be a perfect husband, but if there is one area of dissatisfaction, it’s… his little sword.​

ーFeatures of the gameー
・Battle H animations are included
・26 H-scenes
・Although limited in number, request events will occur at the gathering hall.
・Respawn processing at specific locations when losing in battle.

ーRecommended forー
・Fans of older woman and younger boy
・Breast lovers
・Butt lovers
・Fellatio (vacuum, deepthroat) fans
・Paizuri (titjob) fans

Translator Notes:
I always buy the content to minimize the risk of spreading malware and stay up to date.
Recollection room is unlocked.
Don’t delete the 2 included saves.
Some scenes can’t be triggered, so you’ll have to watch them in the Recollection Mode.
Follow the mission guideline.
While in free action explore the Coln village for events and interact with them multiple times.
Don’t go into the meeting hall after entering Lizelta town.
Wait for the time when you can take requests. Goma Cave and Germa Valley are east of Lizelta town. Goma -> North, Germa -> South. Find the rope in the Goma cave (shiny thing), right side. Then go up and use it.
There is no lose battle scenes, only a couple of in-battle scenes.

Use one of those apps to upscale the game window and enjoy the game, full-screen, in your native resolution:
Lossless Scaling (paid) – Recommended preset: Anime4k OR LS1 .
Magpie (free) – Recommended preset: Anime4kGAN .

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