[RPG] My wife and I -Shipwrecked on a Desert Island [English]

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Circle: odenslime
Released: Jan/07/2022
Translator: Saikey NTR Studios
Product format: Role-playing
Genre: Female Protagonist, RPG Maker, Senior, Mother, Married Woman, Cuckoldry (Netorare), Violation, Gangbang
File size: 672.42 MB

Ryo Kishida and his wife, Yuka, were heading back to their hometown on a ferry. Unfortunately, a sudden tragedy strikes when the ferry gets into an accident, leaving them and their companions stranded on a deserted island. To survive, they must adapt to island life and plan their escape while ensuring the safety of the injured and the other passengers who can’t manage on their own.
Meanwhile, some shady passengers also find themselves stranded on the now male-dominated island. Taking advantage of the lawless situation, they try every trick in the book to get close to Yuka.
Can Yuka protect her family and find a way off the island?

◆Character Introductions:
◎Protagonist – Yuka Kishida
Meet Yuka Kishida, the wife of Ryo Kishida and the star of our game. They have two adorable kids, including little Riku. Yuka is naturally caring and always has a cheerful demeanor. She’s trusting, genuine, and deeply devoted to her family. However, her pure-heartedness and innocence often lead her into some risqué situations.

◎ Ryo Kishida
Say hello to Ryo Kishida, the game’s other protagonist and an ordinary salaryman. He crossed paths with Yuka, and their love story led to marriage. But due to an unfortunate accident, they find themselves stranded on a deserted island.

◎ Miho Kishida
Introducing Miho Kishida, the wife of Keiji Kishida. Before tying the knot, she was a pampered, high-class lady from a prestigious family. However, her sheltered upbringing and self-centered nature often result in some major trouble due to a particular incident.

◎ Keiji Kishida
Meet Keiji Kishida, Ryo Kishida’s older brother. He’s a kind-hearted, righteous man who holds his wife, Miho, in high regard. No matter what, he can’t seem to say no to her.

◆About the Game
Surviving on this deserted island is a real challenge! If you can’t secure enough food, you won’t last long here. And if you want to save your family and the other survivors, you’ll have to venture into the dangerous forest teeming with wild animals. Managing your resources carefully is crucial, or you’ll run out of food in no time. You’ll need survival skills to stay alive. Craft, explore, fish—utilize all these tools to make your escape.

But don’t worry, this is a “Netorare” game, so your beautiful and sexy wife will become the prize for many hungry men. By accepting some “unconventional” conditions, you can ensure yourself a comfortable life on the deserted island.

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