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Circle: MimiutiGames
Released: May/01/2023
Product format: Action
Genre: Dot / Pixel, Zombie, Tentacle, Bestiality, Tanned Skin / Suntan
File size: 25.86 MB

Easy escape action zombie game with pixel art

Zombie game that you can play quickly

I write most things in 64 x 64 pixel size.
People, accessories, maps, etc. are all written with hand-made dots.
There are about 5 types of naughty dots. I don’t have much.
Contains some things that may be offensive, such as bestiality and tentacles. be careful.
There is a possibility that an unexpected error may occur because all programs, debugging, etc. are all done by one person. Forgive me.
I would be happy if you enjoyed it. Yay.
If it’s boring, just think that you’ve lost an enadori. I’ll do my best to make something interesting next time.

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While I’m aware it’s pixel art, I personally would put more detail in the sprites. One of my favorite hgames is actually a pixel art game but while the appeal is that it leaves some of the ero details to the imagination, this leaves a bit too much of the details to it. Overall it’s not bad and while the concept is simple, it’s really all you need as some classics are just you going from point A to B. The girl seems like she’d be attractive as well, but I’d definitely put some more work into her sprite.