[RPG] Anastasia and the Lewd Curse ver.1.1 [English]

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Circle: Jupiter Croissant
Released: Jul/30/2021
Language: English (GPT 3.5 Turbo MTL)
Product format: Role-playing
Genre: Female Protagonist, Decadent / Immoral, Prostitution / Paid Dating, Fantasy, Internal Cumshot, Masturbation, Shame / Humiliation, Coercion / Compulsion
File size: 475.71 MB

The genius magician Anastasia, our pure but ever-so-slightly cheeky heroine,,
has her hidden sexual desires are shamefully exposed in this fantasy HRPG.

Anastasia is tasked with finding some missing students at her old magic academy,
but soon after she finds a grand plot is about unfold at the school,
A curse takes Anastasia’s magical power, and heightens her sexual desire…

Lewd dances, public masturbation, exhibition, defecation…
the girl everyone once looked up to stoops to prostitution and more…

A genius magician who graduated at the top of her class,
and has earned the love and adoration of all around her.
The magical curse imparted upon her exposes the hidden lust within her.

She graduated faster than most at the magic academy (there are no year requirements).
and was selected to be become the youngest court magician ever.

She worries constantly about her tiny breasts, and has a few other complexes that will be revealed as well…

A Hidden District
Anastasia finds herself in a red-light district,
where a seedy bar, a casino with illicit shows,
a VIP brothel, a love hotel and even a circus show wait to shower her in shame.
A variety of establishments are hidden away in the town…

– Lots of masturbation
– Lots of public shame
– Plenty of dirty secrets getting revealed
– Corruption (seducing younger men, futanari-transformation, incest, etc.)
– 7 bad endings, and a happy / true ending

+ more scenes!

Approx. 25+ base CG
55+ scenes in total

– Turned-based battles
Monster room included for fast levelling.

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I hate this trend of using ChatGPT to “translate” games
Maybe I missed something but I was able to beat the game without even interacting with the lewd mechanics at all


The game is very streamlined. You pretty much just go into a leveling chamber until you’re strong enough to kill mini bosses it seems. The concept of the game is one of my favorites (lust crest/corruption) and while the art isn’t the worst I’ve seen, it leaves much to be desired. It’s not really fun to play as an actual game imo so I’d just use the full save that comes with it if you really want to see the H-scenes.