[RPG] Sol/Rui: Magical Girl of Another World ver.1.02 [English]

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Circle: Enokippu
Released: Dec/09/2011
Translator: Lanako1
Product format: Role-playing
Genre: Magical Girl, Fantasy, Internal Cumshot, Rape, Tentacle
File size: 93.79 MB
Same Series: Sol Rui -after mini-

* Summary
It was a day like any other.
Rui was in class one moment, then the next thing she knew she was collapsed in a cave.

She fled for her life from a monster that came at her, and met a magical girl named “Sol”.
Sol explained a crisis that threatened both of their worlds.

In order to fix the worlds, Rui needed to collect magic stones.
What can an ordinary girl expect to do in a world of monsters, battling all by herself—!?

* Contents
Sol/Rui is a female protagonist monster-battle ero RPG.
HP loss during battle is depicted in the character’s outfit, with an assault system.
There are 3 battle stages and 3 escape/evasion stages.
Erotic scenes are mainly when Rui is defeated by an enemy.
There are 25 base erotic scenes (and 182 total CGs incl. variations).

Requires RPG TKool VX RTP:

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Link 2

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