[ACT] Travelling Tentacle Demon [English]

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Circle: Kiteretsu Showado
Release: Oct/19/2019
Work Format: Action
Genre: Violation, Rape, Tentacle, Interspecies Sex, Big Breasts, Pregnant Woman
File Size: 46.7MB

** Tentacle action game!
As the age moved to Showa, and the waves of modernization pressed in, the perishing tentacle monsters….
However, one tentacle rose up.
Continually assault girls so you can leave descendants!
Mercilessly punch! Kick! Send tentacle attacks. Once you knock them down, rape them slowly.

** If the girls resist, beat them hard so that they are under control!

A variety of girls appear in all nine stages.
As a tentacle, you need to house your seed in the wombs of young girls, so don’t let them escape.
Catch the girls, and stick your tentacles up their wombs.
Impregnate them all and don’t even let the last one escape!

** Joystick-compatible!

You can operate the game using either the keyboard or a joystick.
If you press “E” on the title screen, it will switch to joystick mode.
Press “W” to switch to the keyboard.

**Tentacle graphic!

When you attack the girls, 18 screens of sexy CG will appear at random.
These are images of the tentacles attacking the girls.

Also, as you clear each screen, a tentacle event will occur.
The CG of the girls attacked by the poisonous tentacle will heat up the player’s crotches along with the voice of voice actor: Kotone Akatsuki

** Dot pictures VS full color!

Stages and characters are portrayed in classic dot pictures.
Event CG and character pregnancy graphics are shown in full color.
In this way the excitement built up during the action scenes, explodes at once in your crotch.

** Secret tricks! CG mode!

You can relax and play this game even if you do not like action so much. You can charge your power using secret tricks.
It also includes CG mode.
Tentacle event scenes can be played multiple times.

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