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Circle: Quiet Northern Lands
Released: Apr/15/2023
Product format: Role-playing
Genre: Buttocks, Breasts, Married Woman, Middle-aged Man, Cheating / Adultery, Cuckoldry (Netorare), Pregnancy / Impregnation, Big Breasts
File size: 647.94 MB

In order to eradicate evil organizations, a secret group of justice called “Release Lovers” was established in secret.
Two new recruits, Love Pink and Love Blue, wear combat suits developed by the genius researcher
Dr. H and use the powerful and mysterious “Love Me Power” to take down the evil deeds of the organization
“Harem”. However, the true identities of the two female fighters are just ordinary housewives:
Kaori Sakurai, aka Love Pink, and Minami Aoyama, aka Love Blue.
While living a happy life with their beloved husbands, the two secretly work as Release Lovers’ combatants for justice.
But one day, their peaceful routine suddenly changes…​

Overview of the game:
In this game, there are three time periods: “Morning,” “Afternoon,” and “Night,” during which you will search for story events that occur at each time.

Story events include “Everyday Events” that occur at each character’s home and “Job Events” that can be commissioned at the Release Lovers headquarters. Progressing through both of these events will advance the story.

In the Everyday Events, you can enjoy watching each character, Kaori Sakurai and Minami Aoyama, gradually become ensnared in extramarital affairs with their respective lovers.

In the Job Events, the two combatants go out to do their righteous work and undergo various erotic encounters during their missions, transforming into even more powerful Love Me Power users.

This game features beautiful and serious married women who engage in various infidelities both during work and in their daily lives, gradually transforming into depraved and lewd women.

Combat in the game:
WhilesWhile there are battles with enemies in the game, the difficulty level is very easy.
There is no need to level up or collect items to clear the game.

You can recover your health and charge your LP for skills during erotic events that occur during combat.
Note that there are no losing events!

Please play the game with the mindset that it is something to enjoy erotic CG during combat.

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