[ACT] Growth Through Ecstasy! Magical Girl Haruka (JP)

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Circle: softhouse-seal
Release: Feb/15/2013
Work Format: Action
Genre: Magical Girl, Violation, Masturbation, Coercion/Compulsion, Tentacle, Virgin Female
File Size: 564 MB

Magical girls become strong by ecchi power!

Haruka and Rino are chosen as magical girl.
The two continue to fight against monsters to keep the peace by setting aside the dark organization called Abyss.

On the other hand, Stark, one of the executives of Abyss, orders his subordinate Demon to summon a large number of monsters called Chaos from another dimension.

He lets these monsters attack the magical girls to knock them down as a female, not knowing that the magical girls become strong by ecchi power…!
Go, magical girls, go while getting sexual attacks!

* You get violated when you hit into an enemy. But you’ll become stronger by this event!
* side-scrolling gameplay with long-range attack focused. Dismiss the troop of monsters by your strong shots!
* Heal by masturbation? Transform into magical girl by violation? Strike magnificently and erotically!

Z key: attack (charged shots when remain pushed in magical girl state)
X key: masturbation (regain MP if you are naked)
C key: transform into magical girl (only when it’s possible)

Right key: go right
Left key go left
Up key or space key: jump
Down key: crouch

Down key + Z key: crouch and attack
Down key + Z key in the air: attack onto the ground
When gets attacked, select right and left keys continuously to escape!

Get r*ped -> Become magical girl -> Attack with strong shot
The gameplay is simple as that!
Enjoy this lyrical interspecies sex action game!

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