[SLG] Hentai Simulator [Multi Languages] (VR Supported)

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Circle: Spider
Released: May/02/2023
Product format: Simulation
Genre: Breasts, 3D Works, Collar / Chain / Restraints, Internal Cumshot, Violation, Sexual Training, Restraint, Slave
File size: 878.78 MB

Contain both VR and Non-VR version

Here’s a raw, beautiful woman’s body.Tie her up? Take her with you? Play with her? Or…
Pervy beauties who will listen to anything you say are waiting for you in the game.
A wide variety of adult toys, clothing, sizes and colors!
Have sex with her, torture her, or play with her in many other kinky ways!
A perverted game made by perverts for perverts!

Game description
This game is available in various languages.
Intuitive UI design and icons allow for easy operation.
Detailed adjustments can be made to achieve a kinky environment to your liking.

Physical representation that makes erotic expression more realistic.
Women’s reactions and movements are like those of real human beings.

We packed it with situations that stimulate your perverted desires.
You can have sex and play with a woman who is unable to move!

VR Support:
The VR version is SteamVR compatible.
It can be played on any head-mounted display that supports SteamVR.

The program will not run in a folder whose name contains non-English characters.

Keyboard controls
W key = Forward
S key = Backward
A key = Move left
D key = Move right
Q key = Go down
E key = Go up

Left click = Accept, Touch
Hold right click = Viewpoint rotation
Scroll up/down = Move forward/backward
Hold scroll = Move up/down/left/right

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pre-pre-pre-pre-pre-alpha with censor… yeap, nice)