[RPG] Lattice SOS! ~Happening&Panic~ [English-Uncen]

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Circle: Atelier Choice
Released: Oct/05/2017
Translator: The EroShrine
Product format: Role-playing
Genre: Breasts, Outdoor Exposure, Shame / Humiliation, Urination / Peeing, Big Breasts, Nipples / Areola, creampie, big tits, big ass, female protagonist, oral sex, sexual harassment, vaginal sex, adventure, sleep sex, lactation, exhibitionism
File size: 654.5 MB

Lattice is a diligent and calm natured girl who can be a bit ditsy at times.
Travelling together with her is Eona, a postwoman with super bubbly personality.

Their short travel has nothing in particular to do with the fate of the world,
but as people, as individuals, as woman, these two will take one step forward.

For H Scenes to have value to the player, we believe
that empathy for the characters is a very important factor.
As such we added plenty of dialogue, pose art, and
mini sexual harassment, etc. mini events into the game.

The story is split into chapters, so we have managed to
avoid the “sexual content is all in the latter half of the game”
issue that plagues many similar designs.

We also put a lot of conscious effort into designing the event scenes themselves.
Whether the events be coincidental or otherwise,
we hope you enjoy a refreshing mix of humiliation themed content.

50 base CG (not including pose art)

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Rape guy

Surprisingly, I just completed a game by this developer yesterday called Lelie Navigation. Then today Fap For Fun uploaded this game with the same developer, I gotta try this one first and then I’ll rate this game later. Thank you so much! Also, here is the link for anyone who is interested in playing Lelie Navigation. [RPG] Lelie Navigation! Back Alley Journal ver.1.01 [English-Uncen] – FapForFun I won’t spoil the game but the characters and story of the game are so cute haha. I highly recommend it if you love the H RPG story with cute characters. And lastly, I… Read more »


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