[ACT] Pixel Shady Dungeon ver.1.01 [JP-EN]

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Circle: Laboratelier
Release: Aug/29/2021
Product format: Action
Genre: Clothed, Dot/Pixel, Girl, Fantasy, Tentacle, Interspecies Sex
File size: 33.68MB

Most of the UI is in English so I marked it as JP-EN

◆ Overview (Google Translated)
An orthodox 2D action game.
Madoi, an apprentice witch girl, seeks treasure and challenges a dungeon full of slime.

* Please be sure to check the operation with the trial version.

◆ Features
There are 8 stages and bosses, gameplay changes depending on the difficulty level, and endless mode.
You can enjoy action from beginners to advanced players.

We are particular about creating the experience of being “surrounded by a large number of enemies, unable to deal with them, and being violated” naturally in the gameplay.

・ Etch scenes with dot animation unique to each enemy and defeat CG for each stage
・ Smooth dot animation that sticks to the shaking of hair
・ Enemy is slime and tentacles only
・ Full-length clothing H (defeated CG is partially naked)
・ There is a track record system that can be collected by high score and virgin play (no mistake)

◆ System
Actions include jumps, magic attacks, and commands to masturbate.

You need to masturbate to get rid of the lust that accumulates due to the dungeon-filled lust.
However, if you are caught by an enemy during masturbation, you will be violated without any help, so let’s take a chance.
Also, when the libido gauge is full, it starts masturbating without permission and becomes defenseless.

In this game, instead of physical strength, there is a degree of nastyness, which increases each time an enemy commits.
When the lewdness is full, Madoi loses the energy to attack and is violated until the slimes are satisfied.
The game is over at any time.

◆ H scene
・ Dot H animation 7 types of enemies + 8 patterns of masturbation
・ Defeat CG: 9 basics + 6 differences

You can choose the stage you have cleared once and restart it, or you can start from the defeated state. Feel free to watch the H scene.

The defeated CG of the cleared stage can be viewed individually in the CG gallery.

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