[RPG] Geezer Hero RPG – Wield sword and spell as you violate women and defeat the Demon King [English]

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Circle: kagurado
Released: Nov/28/2022
Product format: Role-playing
Genre: Male Protagonist, Internal Cumshot, Outdoor Sex, Coercion / Compulsion, Rape, Big Breasts, Voluptuous / Plump
File size: 523.14 MB

Once upon a time there was a man in his 40s just doing his best to live from day to day. His name was Douvan.
One day, he awoke to discover he had the power of the legendary Hero!
Escorted by a minister of a church that has long awaited the return of the Hero,
he was asked what it would take for him to depart on a quest. His answer? Women!
They came to an arrangement. In return for vanquishing the Demon King,
he’d have the freedom to do whatever he wanted to the kingdom’s women!
Douvan departs on a journey to defeat the Demon King while banging beautiful women on the way.

From a thieving bandit,
all the way to a chivalrous swordswoman, a soldier sworn to protect the land,
and the daughters of an innkeep and bartender, bunny-girls at a casino
and a neighborhood wife, go ahead and have your way with whichever catches your eye!
In return for vanquishing monsters that threaten the populace,
female disciples from the Church will satisfy your every need!

And once you fulfill your mission to defeat the Demon King,
a life full of all the women you could ever want awaits you!

~Game Systems~
– Combat
Your typical random encounter battles and
a skill system utilizing cooldowns
prevents repetition from spamming the same skill.

– Equipment System
Magic stones acquired on your travels can be equipped into a special bracelet.
Different effects can be gained from different stones,
and by finding different stones
you can customize your characteristics to your liking.

– Rape pretty women you find on your travels.
Some girls have multiple scenes!
It’s not just rape:
you’ll also be serviced by your female disciples.

– Rape the chief of a defeated bandit group!
– Backhand and bang a swordswoman dedicated to justice!
– Show some fashionable girl her place with sex!
– Face-fuck a naive young woman!
– Steal a noble’s maid as your own personal sex-slave!
– Violate a bar’s star waitress in front of her customers!
– Capture a rebellious noble’s daughter and subjugate her sexually!
– Force a rich girl to give you a boob job!
– Break into a house and have your way with two beautiful sisters!
– Fuck a married woman in front of her husband and teach her what a real dick feels like!
– Found some girl bored with sex? Stick it in her ass and finally excite her for once!
– The Church has prepared some girls skilled at fellatio!
– A local casino has offered their top bunny girl just to please you!
– Order some stuck-up bitch to give you a boob job and oral!
– Some soldiers falsely accused you of a crime! Violate their female comrade in revenge!
– Order a mother-and-child combo at a local inn! Both have enormous tits!
– The Church has prepared a sensual oil massage with some bright young disciples! Also sex!
– And of course, your ultimate reward for defeating the Demon King…

18 detailed CG drawings, and over 120 variations.
26 scenes total
Play Time: About 1-2 hours

Offers a CG gallery, scene replay, and an auto-message feature,
along with dialogue skip and window-hiding.

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Do not mind me. I’m just commenting so I can “bookmark” this game to play later. (Not that I like tag bbm/plump/FatMan/Voluptuous…)