[SLG] The Loli Witch

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Circle: Vincent
Released: Nov/14/2021
Product format: Simulation
Genre: Anime, Girl, Loli, Puni, Magician / Witch, Internal Cumshot, Tiny Breasts, Tsurupeta
File size: 187.4 MB

Hmm? Who am I?
Greetings! I’m the loli witch!
What? Why do you look so confused?
You wished for me, didn’t you? So I’m here!
I also know you wanna have sex too.
Now, now, there’s no need to hold back.


An interactive animation about having sex with a loli witch that suddenly shows up in your apartment.
Click the girl’s hot spots to get cut-changes and touching animations.
There are 8 stages to the H in total. After touching a certain amount, the scene will progress.


Interactive animation for Windows
1366×768 resolution
Contains fully-voiced heroine (CV: Hanako Tokiwa)
H animations: 40+ cuts (including variations)
Contents: Fondling, cowgirl, doggy-style, missionary, creampie, Ekiben position, etc.
Press Enter to scene skip & jump to your favorite cut (* Not in the trial)

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Nice art

8/10 VA (sometimes voice lines repeat and break immersion)

No subtitles (that I could find)

It could use a click map like Happy Lamb Barn uses. Knowing where to click gets confusing, but maybe thats the point.

Overall 6/10.

Faith Rolled

The mosaic is really bad in this one.
Could have been 5 stars had if not been for that and the clicking system. (you can skip with enter).

Too bad.