[SLG] NejicomiSimulator Vol.4: Iron-willed Warrioress Takes Thunderous Cock [JP-EN-CH-Uncen] (PC-Android)

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ネジ込みシミュレーターVol4 -強気クールお姉さんの極太野人ちんぽぐちょぐちょ挿れ放題!!-【性器拡張・ガチセックス】

Circle: yabukaradoo
Released: Jan/28/2022
Product format: Simulation
Genre: Touch / Feel, Cross-section View, Time Stopping, Sexual Training, Rape, Stretch / Expansion, Big Breasts, Body Modification
File size: 235.58 MB

A smoothly-animated Live2D onahole simulator about jamming a massive dick inside a certain strong-willed tengu lady.

Yes, show that thunder birb who’s boss, and delight in her lusciously animated reactions in real time.
The penetration controls make it feel like it’s you that’s dolling out the divine dick punishment!
Her movements, breaths are fully synced with the sound effects for an ultra realistic experience.
This simulation has no cheap machine-generated loops; it’s all been hand-tuned for maximum ERO.

* Have a look at the trial version if you’re not convinced!

Customization? How does ball gags, blindfolds, piercings, squirt intensity, body-scribbling, dick-size/intensity, hair color, skin color, breast size, and clit size sound? There are approximately 50 customizable parts in total!

Click and drag to control…
– Head
– Body
– Ass
– Breast
– Male performer
Fiddle around with her body, see how she moves, and you might just find a new favorite position!

[Emotion Engine!]
The heroine’s expressions change naturally depending on 3 parameters: Pleasure, Pain, and Stimulation.
Sudden intense movements can ramp up the pain if you want to play it that way, but the choice is yours.

Check the top left corner to check these parameters:
Yellow: Stimulation
Heart: Pleasure
Red: Pain
If you’re having trouble controlling the parameters, a setting is included for displaying the Emotion Graph,
which makes it easier to understand the exact effects of intensity, etc.

Of course, it’s great fun fiddling with her body, but this time, things have been taken up a notch with the multi-recording function!
Record your specific motions for each part, and combine them to easily create your own original animation!

Get Gems for unlocking settings via a daily login bonus, climax bonuses(up to 10/day), and the Twitter connect feature.
It takes about 2-5 days to unlock everything.

Key Features
– Enjoy 4K resolution quality ero with real-time heroine feedback,
and fully customizable penetration methods and timing.
It’s like you’re in the director’s seat filming your own smut!

– There are also 9 customizable shortcuts to help you get to the settings you enjoy most. (Click the hamburger button in the top right of the settings menu to access the shortcut menu)

– TONS of real-time toggles are included for spicing things up on the go!
You can even remove the background, and have yourself a fun desktop accessory.

Drag-action recording, replay functions, MP4 video exporting and hands-free options complete the package!

Settings / Toggles
SFX / Voice / BGM volume
BGM selection
Language toggle (Japanese / English / Simplified Chinese)

Clothing ON/OF
Food Bowl ON/OFF
Background ON/OFF
Endless squirting ON/OFF
Vaginal wall display ON / OFF
Unlimited milk ON/OFF
Onomatope ON/OFF

Piston speed
Dick size
Dick belt ON/OFF
Dick/clit transparency
Breast size
Ass size
Clit size
Sensitivity (x1~x3000)
Skin color
Hair color
Time stop
Onahole transformation
Squirting intensity
Milk amount
Milk type
Mouth Expression
Heart eyes
Eye size
Eyebrow expression / angle / height
Piercings (5 places)
Body graffiti (8 places)
Bar/mosaic censoring
Reverberation settings
Drug sensitivity level

– Interspecies
– Nipple piercing
– Genital piercing
– Genital expansion
– Ball gags
– Gut punching
– Onahole transformation
– Time stop
– Breast milk
– Squirting
– Sexual training

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The game prompts that there is a new update.

Also, I’m unable to complete whatever I need to do to get new available settings. I unlocked the first 12 but I’m getting nothing more than that.

I suspect this is either a trial version or simply bugged if someone could inform me what I need to do.

Last edited 1 year ago by r00tmaster

If someone have regfile to unlock pls share it:(