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Developer: Wild Flower
Released: 16 Jul, 2022
Game Format: Action
Genre: Adventure, Animated, Fantasy, Female Protagonist, Monster, Platformer, Vaginal Sex
File Size: 172 MB

“Knight Princess Eris” is an action game with over 800 pieces of pixel art, a classic retro and smooth pixel art animation.

The kingdom “Gilthania” was destroyed by the invasion of the demon tribe.Men were killed and women were made to be comforted…
The pursuers are closing in on the exiled princess knight “Eris,” who has escaped alone.
Now, Eris’s journey of revenge begins…

Game Features
・Easy to operate!・Armor gets destroyed as you take damage!
・The voiced and smooth pixel art animation adult scenes are of high quality!
(All voices are Japanese)

Game System
・Eris has 3 points of HP, and each time her HP decreases, her armor is destroyed: armor, half-naked, and fully naked.If you die, you can recover immediately on the spot.
(You can also recover at the place where you moved to.)

・Attacks are powered up with items available during the stage.
No detailed manipulation is required. When the attack button is pressed, the item is activated at the same time as the attack.
(The item is activated only when the attack button is pressed with no directional key input.)
(“Fireball” and “Bom” are also activated by crouching attacks.)

・Stepping on the “H button” during a stage will “disable” all female mob enemies.
(Does not work on mid-boss enemies and non-female enemies)

・As you clear the stages, adult scenes will open up.
You can enjoy various adult scenes, including maniac scenes.
Adult scenes are fully voiced and fully animated.

・There are several unique monsters in the game.
You can choose to “continue” indefinitely, so the game is not difficult.

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The game is pretty meh. It’s a 2D sidescrolling platformer. The scenes are surprisingly great, but you unlock them by playing through the game. The problem is the gameplay is boring. There are only 2 controls, jump and attack. You have a two-part attack combo that 1 shots everything that isn’t clearly a boss. If one-shotting every enemy in the game is somehow a bit too challenging for an elite mlg pro gamer such as yourself and you die, you can just choose to immediately go back to full health right where you died. You can actually just run through… Read more »


Sadly this game is a massive downgrade compared to its predecessor.