[ACT-RPG] Coward’s Treasure ver.1.23 [English]

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Circle: Monster-ken
Released: Jul/16/2022
Product format: ActionRole-playing
Genre: Fantasy, Cuckoldry (Netori), Masturbation, Sexual Training, Captivity, Coercion / Compulsion, Rape, Virgin Female
File size: 585.95 MB

■Game introduction
“Coward’s Treasure” is an action RPG game

You are one of the mountain people who was born in a drug-taking house that has continued for generations. Around this time, monsters living in nearby mountains began to move frequently. This seems to be a sign that some ridiculous monster is awakening, and many adventurers are gathering in the village to explore.

In general, you have to defeat monsters to get money and materials, and purchase and strengthen equipment to become stronger, but my hero seems to prefer aiming at friends.

If you want to become stronger, you can pretend to be an enthusiastic guide and join the adventure team. You have no choice but to become the final winner by defeating monsters that are likely to be defeated and stealing bonuses.

Surviving in battle and “help” the injured heroins. Put them under house arrest and feed them with aphrodisiac medicines. Commit them, train them, and corrupt them to welcome them as part of your adventure troupe…

Anyway, play an active part in cowardly tactics and survive on the battlefield. Then you can get money and women !!!

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Very grindy easy RPG with a nice Gameplay. Erotic just in 4 static scenes for each of the 4 girls.


Very slow progression, fun combat & very nice art style, plenty of dungeons to beat.. The sexy scenes kinda lacking.. I recommend giving gifts to unlock better squads for better loot.

solid 5/10.. if it had more sexy scenes i’d give it a 7/10


yeah this game is embodiment of sigma grindset to get almost 0 bit$hes