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Developer: oneLegNinja
Released: 19 Jul, 2022
Game Format: RPG
Genre: animated, female protagonist, big ass, big tits, vaginal sex, creampie, monster, fantasy, adventure, groping, titfuck, oral sex, monster girl, creampie, multiple penetrations, anal sex, group sex, prostitution, futanari
File Size: 103 MB

Millie, a shy and reclusive Bovian girl, was living a peaceful and reclusive life until a thief stole her treasured magic staff! She forced herself to go on an adventure to find the thief. She will to do anything to get her staff back…

Millie’s Adventure is a hardcore hentai 2D action adventure game with sexual events not not in your average adult game.

= Simple 2D action adventure
With no complicated controls to remember or get use to, you can start exploring right away.
There are several different magic attacks to collect.
Millie is not a fighter so watch out for her stamina and run away when necessary.

= HARDCORE hentai for the experienced…
There are more than 40 unique hentai events for you to discover hidden in many unique locations.
Lewd arts are a mix of pixel animation and hand drawn CGs.
Expect fantasy hardcore plays and unrealistic anatomy.
If you are bored of the same hentai situations in other adult game and want something more spicy, this is the game for you.

= Multiple Endings
Explore the world, help other people, and train Millie’s body to see how Millie’s adventure end in different ways.

= Body status
Show the lewd progression of Millie’s body parts as Millie continues her adventure.

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In general, the game is quite good, although it lacks a good tutorial to explain how to play. The gameplay is quite smooth, it is not stressful to move. From the status menu you can see what you need to level up parts of your “body” The battle system is quite poor, and in the end just 2 of the 5 spellcards is enough for everything, although it’s easy to just dodge the enemies and move quickly once you know where they are. There is no level system or rewards for killing enemies, except for a couple of quests. It… Read more »


ok so this game have terrible hitboxes and your fire spell is mid and you must be 1 pixel away from enemy for it to work. no explanation where to go and backtracking is possible if you get the horse courier whistle. olso you will get most horrific post nut clarity when you finish this game. so there should be “consensual torture” in tags.