[RPG] Naked King Game – Kids of The Arcade Center ver.1.00 [English]

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Circle: Sakuragi Company
Released: Jan/04/2015
Product format: Role-playing
Genre: Dot / Pixel, Anime, Loli, Outdoor Exposure
File size: 219.77 MB

You play as a trio of young rascals who dare each other to do all kinds of embarrassing things in the neighborhood park and arcades. Bound by the honorable “Ousama (king) game,” even the usually level-headed Ichigo is strung along the antics of her sex-crazed friends. Will she be able to survive their playful dares or succumb to the pleasure…?

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Thank you!


how to awe money one the game i cant buy fast potion


A while ago I played a game by the same developers (I forget the name, google “Sakuragi Company DLsite” and you should be able to find it easily) and I found that game to be far more inspired than a game like that should be, giving out Earthbound vibes. It also had great H-scene animations and a good art style, if not a bit bland in a handful of scenes. This game is much of the same, except the whole overactive imagination Earthbound vibes are gone. It’s sorely missed in my opinion since that’s what made the last game stand… Read more »

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Anyone else have a weird graphical bug, graying out the screen, making Pew Pew noises right before locking controls? I press normal buttons and nothing happens, but other random buttons do stuff. First time I’ve had a bug like this. Maybe its a directx issue…

Edit- So, it turns out that charging a Switch pro controller in your pc makes a lot of RPG Maker games freak out. Took some testing before I realized it. The game works fine with it unplugged, lol!

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can’t buy items somme place on the game are unable to play i dont know why,
for the rating of this game for me is
gaming 2,5/10
H-18 3,5/5
accesibility of public baht 0,5/5
you can do beter

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