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Circle: princia
Released: Jun/05/2022
Product format: Role-playing
Genre: Anime, Sister/Nun, Violation Shame/Humiliation, Coercion/Compulsion, Tentacle, Interspecies Sex, Big Breasts
File size: 465.98 MB

** Animation RPG

This RPG features a sister who is not good at fighting, as the main character.
In battle, the “prayer” is used to pray in order to become “purified” to inflict damage on the demons.
You may encounter stronger demons at times.
In times like that, it may be better to choose the option of “running away”.

In the conversations scenes, the sister in a standing pose will do the animations.
There are many variations of the sister: in normal clothing, undone clothing, risky clothing, and naked.
The breasts shake as well.

For the in-game choices, before the sister makes a choice,
we will grant you a saving point, which allows you to change your choices as many times as you want.

The parts we want everyone to enjoy the most are the sex scenes!
Please enjoy all the animations which have been shown in detail.

** Prologue

In a faraway village in a country, there lived a sister who was rumored to be a beauty.
She served God all her life and lived faithfully.
She had even been thanked by the townspeople for “purifying” demonized wild animals which occasionally appeared.

But one day, the pontiff came to visit the remote village to rest.
That night, the pontiff came alone to where the sister lived and approaches her to have a physical relationship.
While the pontiff fondled her, she resisted and tried to run away, which made the pontiff angry and recognize the sister as a witch.

The sister who was now seen as a witch left the village in order to not be caught by the soldiers and wandered around with no goal in mind.
Then, she arrived at a town where a priest who she was friends with, lived.

What will be waiting for the sister after that–

** Sex scenes

-The event scene is a slimy sexy animation that will make you feel as if you are there! All sex scenes are animated!

-From the atmosphere of teasing until insertion, the image of pulling breasts to the image of a pulsing penis,
the animations are extremely detailed!

-Heterogenous rape, gang-bang, torture the heroine! The sex scenes have expressed the fluids very well!

** Character

A sister living in a remote village who was a rumored beauty.
She served God all her life and lived faithfully.
She is occasionally thanked by the townspeople for “purifying” demonized wild animals.

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Animations for the CG are quite good, with a couple of sound effects, and the art itself is alright. Problem is the gameplay is dreadfully boring. Be in a specific area in town, everywhere else will be locked off or has nothing inside of it. Combat is the standard slow paced affair, except combat animations are painfully slow and the random encounter rates can be quite high. You’re not even allowed to steal or wander into peoples homes to explore since the player character won’t allow it. H rating: 3/5 Gameplay rating: 1/5 I’m not even entirely sure what this… Read more »

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