[SLG] Nade Nade Onna no Ko 7: Imprisonment Sex Story [English-Uncen]

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なでなでおんなのこ7 ~悪いやつに監禁されて女の子とHを強要されるお話~

Circle: CherryGirls
Released: May/08/2022
Product format: Simulation
Genre: Touch/Feel, Successive Orgasms, Lovey Dovey/Sweet Love, Ahegao/Gapeface, Sexual Training, Slave, Shame/Humiliation, Captivity
File size: 115.24 MB

Uncensored Patch in the pinned comment

★Coerced into having sex with a girl…
You, the protagonist, and a girl were abducted and confined by a bad guy.
You and the girl get put into the same cell, and the bad guy makes you do perverted things.
You have no choice but to obey his instructions and perform sexual acts so that the girl doesn’t get treated as horribly.

★Animated with Live2D!
By implementing Live2D, the animation has gotten a major power up over previous sequels!
Touch the smoothly animated girl!

★There’s happy sex, too!
You can have loving sex as well, just like the previous titles!
Make use of items and do sexual things freely!

Abducted and imprisoned alongside you by a bad guy, this girl is tied to a chair.
Speaks in a polite, formal tone.
Average sexual experience, also masturbates.
So that the player can envision whatever name they want, her name is undecided.

Abducted and imprisoned along with the girl by a bad guy.
You do your best to minimize the girl’s mistreatment. *There are no alternate routes, this is the only way!
The you in this world doesn’t have a lover yet. *That’s why it’s okay to have a lover in a different series or world!
Also, you become a male regardless of your gender in the real world. *I’m sorry there’s no gender selection!

〇The abductor
The bad guy that abducted and imprisoned the girl and you.
He uses threats to get you to comply with his sexual commands.

★What you can do
■Story situations
-Embarrassment and caressing
-Sexual toys
-Forced to give blowjobs, handjobs
-Edging hell
-Ordered to masturbate
-Stimulated by machines
-Compelled sexual intercourse

■Possible actions in touching mode

– stroke her face
– pull her nose up like a piggy
– massage her boobs
– pinch her nipples
– touch her butt
– squeeze her p*ssy
– finger her wet clitoris
– fingerf*ck her
– lick her p*ssy
– vibratory play
– squirting
– penetrative sex
– bukkake
– creampie
– continuous orgasms
– she plays with her nipples
– she plays with her p*ssy
– bondage prodding
– nipple teasing machine
– clit teasing machine
– dildo device
– blowjob
– handjob
… and more!

Don’t wait, check out the interactive trial and all its dreamy romance now!

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Uncensored works fully for the girl, but only whenever she is touching you for the male. Might fix later.


remove and replace in Onnanoko7_Data (slash) Managed folder

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thanks for the upload.


This is some wholesome content, approved