[RPG] PRIMAL SPHERE ver.1.03 [English-Machine Translated]

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Circle: Anmitsuya
Release: Aug/17/2018
Work Format: RPG
Genre: Clothes, Changing/Dress up, Upper-class Girl, Fantasy, Violation, Naughty/Lewd, Virgin Female
File Size: 1004.26MB

Preliminary Fix Patch. UI translated, Wordwrap and H status reworded.
Google Drive

This is a work of fiction.
No relation to actual persons, organizations or events.
Less than a score ago, the Lacroi’s family was blessed with a girl.
Named as Sylvia, she has been raised with cherishment.
Now she is grown up and the “day of departure” has come.

Nobles Oblige… Nobleness comes with its obligation.

Shouldering her own to perform, she heads to Montrion.

This is an HRPG of a preppy girl who undertakes guild’s quests and challenges difficulties in her adventure.

* Heroine: Sylvia
Born in an aristocratic bloodline. Strong, beautiful and skilled in sword techniques.
But still has an adorable aspect: she sometimes shows her private thoughts when got angry.

* Weapon: Rapier Sword
A magic sword tempered with mithril silver. Specially designed by the Lacroi’s family
as suitable to acts of both slashing and thrusting. Can be strengthened with magic stones.

* Clothing Changing System
(8 costumes / 10 hair accessories / 10 underwear)
Reflected in battle, talking scenes, walking graphic and some event CG

* Battle System
Use Magic and Special attacks to defeat your enemies.
As you take damage, Sylvia’s clothing gradually
begin to rip and finally she will become naked.
Even if you are defeated, it will not be Game Over
but rather Sylvia will be violated or robbed, etc.
There are risks of physical restraint, erotic attacks and even loss of virginity in battles.

* Situations
Interspecies sex, gangbang, brothel, stuck in the wall (glory hole / kabeshiri),
prostitution, NTR / cuckoldry, hypnosis, petrification, virgin man, lesbian,
young boy, sex under the effect of alcohol and so on and on.

50 base HCG (+ pose art for conversation and battle)
+ variations = 800+ total CG / 100+ total H events (including in battle events)
Reminiscence room implemented

* Multi Ending x 4
All endings have their own H events.
New Game Plus implemented
(can carry over reminiscence room, level, sword status, money, item, costumes etc.)

* 5 levels of difficulty to choose from to begin with.
* Auto messaging and message speed adjustment functions implemented
* Gamepad configuration and button assignment functions implemented

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