[RPG] Shadow People ver.1.0 [English]

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Circle: Clara Soap
Released: Jul/22/2021
Translator: Doom_
Product format: Role-playing
Genre: Anime, Childbirth, Violation, Restraint, Fiendish/Brutal, Rape, Gangbang, Forced Oral/Irrumatio
File size: 477.55 MB

Shadow People…
Their existence has yet to be proven, and they cannot be found…
Yet, in the old schoolhouse, perhaps an answer awaits…
Presenting a suspenseful mystery RPG with voice (CV: Pako Shirakawa),
and animation for all illustrations!

Ayumi goes to the abandoned schoolhouse with 8 male classmates,
but soon awakens in a classroom all by herself…
As she tries to ascertain her surroundings, she’s struck with a terrible headache.

She encounters Makoto in the library, then Shijiro. Something is amiss.
After finding the key to the principal’s office, she tries to sneak in…
and a shadow person assaults her from behind!
She tries to escape, but is forced to…

– Violation / violence
– Confinement / milking / choking missionary
– Bondage / piercing / enema play / gangbang
– Rape / fellatio / irrumatio
– Double hole assault / creampie / birthing

– Ayumi
The boyish heroine, who has great grades, but hates school.
She treasures her friends.

– Taro
The group leader, who loves abandoned buildings and ruins.

– Kouji
Always hanging around with Taro. Cheapskate despite his family’s wealth.

– Ryouichi
The class genius.

– Shinjiro
A lone wolf that hates Taro. A lover of all things occult.

– Kazuo
The voice of reason in the group. Has a smell fetish.

– Makoto
The group punching bag. Likes collecting knives.

– Daikichi
Fuyuki’s twin. The mood maker of the group. Enjoys crosswords.

– Fuyuki
Daikichi’s twin. The opposite of his brother. Skilled at sports.

Contains 2 routes – Missing Route, and Genocide Route
Hints are listed in the manual for those that don’t like puzzles
Reminiscence room included with a cheat for easy viewing,

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The 2D CG in this game is actually really good, on top of the art is fantastic and the voice acting is literally perfect. This might be some of the best hentai scenes of any game ever. The problem is the game is absolute bullshit. You need certain items to progress the game, but some items can’t be obtained until you view cutscenes, which forces you to go back and forth checking the same rooms over and over and over again. Did I mention some of the items are unmarked on the screen, needing you to mash Z on every… Read more »


Update: Finished the game and I must say it’s pretty bad, it lasts for about 20 minutes, the CG while it’s good there’s no SFX the voice isn’t good either it’s like they recorded the actress on an old phone.
The “ending” is really only one, there supposedly added a second one but for the love of everything couldn’t find it or get it to show up. You’d be okay skipping this one.



I could reach the bad ending, never discovered the good one. Maybe I’m not good enough,, even if there are only a few rooms to search in