[ACT] Dungeon of Revival ver.1.06 [English-Machine Translated]

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Circle: pompompain
Released: Mar/02/2020
Language: English (MTL – 4 or 5 books didn’t get translated, dub is not subbed)
Product format: Action
Genre: Female Protagonist, Cross-section View, Fantasy, Interspecies Sex, Tanned Skin/Suntan, Bizarre/Eccentric, Blood/Bleeding, Ryona/Brutal
File size: 784.85 MB

In a magical desert kingdom similar to that of ancient Egypt,
rumors have spread that robbers have broken into a “Pyradim”, a massive and sacred burial structure.
The priests tasked with protecting the Pyradim assign a low-ranking member to investigate the claims.

Inside the Pyradim, the remains of old heroes, spirits, and untold treasure sleep.
What will this lowly priest find as she ventures into the massive Jackal Pyradim all by herself?

* Warning: This work contains lots of gore!

May/01/2020 Miscellaneous
ReadMe update

Apr / 06/2020 Bug fixes
Fixed minor bugs

Mar / 11/2020 Bug fixes
Correction of parts that were difficult to understand
Fixed some bugs in stage5

Mar / 03/2020 Bug fixes
Fixed some events in stage 4 not being displayed correctly
Fixed incorrect hints and descriptions in recollection mode

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