[ACT] One x Shota ACT: SMASH BOY ver.18.08.18 [JP-EN]

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おねショタACT スマッシュボーイ

Circle: excessm
Release: Aug/04/2018
Work Format: Action
Genre: No ReverseOnesan/Older Girl/Older SisterSubmissive Man

** This is the [Full] version containing all the X-rated elements. **

Another ACT game of crafty ladies comes! An One x Shota (Elder girls x Younger boy)
fighting action only with mouse control, for masochist male players.

In this action game, you control a boy who stands up against a group of evil-minded
ladies, which overpowers and outnumbers him, in order to save the heroine abducted.

– Camera mode functions implemented so that you can do following even during battles:
zooming, scrolling, slow playback etc.

– “Single Battle” mode where you can fight your favorite combination of
enemies you have defeated is implemented in the retail version.

– Most scenes are femdom, as the protagonist boy is sexually teased.

– Cut-ins move in animation.

– 21 types of enemies in total.

– Aside from the action part, there are additional H situations in a special event style.

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I tried with locale emulator too, but didnt work.


you are the greatest!


cant downlaod any solution ? or need to join patreon


hi all i already have the but did they added anything new into this version ?