[RPG] The Adventures of MICOCO [English-Uncen]

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Developer: PantyParrot
Publisher: Mango Party, PantyParrot
Released: 8 Nov, 2022
Game Format: RPG
Genre: Adventure, Creampie, Fantasy, Female Protagonist, Japanese Game, Multiple Penetration, Puzzle, Tentacles, Vaginal Sex, Voiced
File Size: 340 MB

One day, the adventurer Micoco discovered an assignment posted by a faraway village.The village leader needed someone to take care of the horde of monsters that had invaded their settlement. Micoco took on the assignment, not knowing she’d be biting off more than she could chew.

Micoco’s adventures will consist of solving puzzles and fighting through battle events.Help her look for clues, piece together past events, and complete the assignment!

・Simple & captivating puzzles
・Cute illustrations and sticky tentacles
・A complete and compelling storyline

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Rape guy



How to change language



Всё бы было хорошо если бы не одно но…

Description IMHO
Я так и не понял это ремейк или жалкий плагиат на “сучку экзорцистку Рио”? Автор ещё больше бы этажей сделал, что бы ещё дальше между Х-сценами бегать из одного конца замка в другой. А финал так вообще затянут. Мне и моему младшему аж надоело просматривать несколько раз одну и ту же финальную сцену. А тем кто играл в “сучка экзорцист Рио”, покажутся знакомыми практически все сцены.

p.s. -Дай списать!
-На! только точь в точь не списывай…

(Translate G)
I still didn’t understand this is a remake or a pathetic plagiarism of the “Bitch Exorcist Rio”? The author would have made even more floors to run even further between the H-scenes from one end of the castle to the other. And the final is so generally delayed. My younger and I are already tired of watching the same final scene several times. And for those who played “Bitch Exorcist Rio”, almost all the scenes will seem familiar.

p.s. -Let me write it off!
– Here! just don’t copy it exactly…

Yog Dzewa

Adventures of Micoco
Art : 3/10
( typical rpg maker visuals ) ( ugly fantasy effects ) ( maps were made poorly in terms of design [ rubbles , holes , wine bottles , etc feels they were placed randomly ] and progress [ the vagueness of what to do next was inadequate ]

Gameplay : 2/10
( your typical go here , go there game ) ( really wish I could control the fighting scenes since seeing her fight makes me sick . . . not to mention you can see your equipment , skills and stats )

Plot : 2/10
( predictable ) ( linear ) ( some game overs doesn’t make any sense and it’s easily solved ) ( how come she didn’t killed those unmutated tentacles with her sword instead of finding and using the molotov )

plot spoiler
( ah . . . yes a person who wants to revive someone gone horribly wrong )

Entertainment : 3/10
( Micoco was disappointing )

Characters : 2/10
( Micoco doesn’t seem to be a high ranking adventurer based on her actions [ its just amazing that she’s a great adventurer but fall on obvious traps ] . . . how come she lost her prized sword the moment she entered the castle? )

Soundtrack : 4/10
( eh )

Dialogue : 2/10
( the dialogue was similar with all of the scenes but changed in some ways ) ( voiceover was unnecessary but it was fine )

Fap Score : 2/10
( 2 of the illustrations were good ) ( unfappable ) ( I mean its just a sequence of Micoco pictures getting tentacle’d with dialogues that seems to be the same with other scenes )

My Rating : 2/10
( F – tier )