[ADV] A story about a calm and quiet boy who is kept under ejaculation control by a succubus until he dies [English-Machine Translated]

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Circle: NicheNoSacchi
Released: Apr/16/2022
Product format: Adventure
Genre: No Reverse, Succubus/Incubus, Elder Girl x Younger Boy, Foot Job, Tickling, Reverse Rape, Submissive Man, Tentacle
File size: 483.08 MB

A few months after the disappearance of an excellent demon hunter boy, his employer, fearing that he might have been kidnapped by a succubus, dispatches an anti-succubus squad, and as one of its members, the boy “Lute” bravely steps into a forest where succubus appear. The succubus, however, quickly returned the favor, and the succubus continued to play with Lute, who behaved coolly with his plump tits, steamy soles, and smooth pussy. Will Lute be able to escape from the hordes of succubus?

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It’s mostly about reading here, and since the machine translation is so bad, I was just guessing the whole game. As far as my interpretation and understanding of this text goes, I think it’s all about choosing a path to escape (or stay in) the prison. There are three routes, from which all of them leads to MC death. There is not even a single one vaginal sex in this game. Most of the H-scenes are oriented around tentacles and foot jobs. If you are not into one of these, then I recommend not to be bothered by this title… Read more »

Last edited 8 months ago by Jake355
respect different

After playing it, I found that this is a good game. Since the rating is not high, there are people who don’t like this kind of content and don’t ignore this game and judge it randomly. Lihui’s level is good, and the teasing of male genitalia is also very itchy , various play, hands, feet, breasts, and other parts. It's a pity that Japanese makes it difficult for me to understand the meaning, and I don't care if there is a part of vaginal sex, because those palys are also very pleasant in reality. If I want to watch vaginal… Read more »