[RPG] Maria, a Surrender Witch Married Woman ver.1.1 [English-Machine Translated]

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Released: Jan/29/2022
Product format: Role-playing
Genre: Female Protagonist, Married Woman, Magician/Witch, Cheating/Adultery, Prostitution/Paid Dating, Fantasy, Cuckoldry (Netorare), Big Breasts
File size: 507.82 MB

Maria, a Surrender Witch Married Woman
who prostitutes herself for her vanished husband and surrenders to a stranger’s penis and is cuckolded.

When she wakes up in the morning, her husband has disappeared.
Maria the witch turns to prostitution to gain information about her husband and funds to move on….
Through the act of prostitution, will Maria surrender and be cuckolded by another man’s penis other than her husband’s?
Can she find her husband safely before she is cuckolded?
What is Maria’s answer at the end of her journey through three different towns?​

(1) NTR story that ended up in prostitution to find a lost husband
~ Profile of Maria ~
・ A married woman witch who is in her fifth year of marriage, 32 years old. She is a B98 / W58 / H101 H cup.
・ She has a serious personality, is neat and clean, and is a little out of the ordinary.
She is a basic honorific, but she has a bullish attitude when she is younger.
She ・ Her sexual desire is strong and she is dissatisfied with her husband Chi Po and she is horny every day.
She has a habit of vulgarly panting and screaming lewd words when the switch is turned on during her sex.

(2) Raise the level and change the class! Conceived abnormal condition !?
・ One of the purposes of this work is to consume HP and raise Lv. (Skeleton level)!
・ If you raise the level, you can wear more H costumes or change jobs and your profile will change!
・ Maria’s final The ending changes depending on the profession!
・ Introducing 6 erotic statuses! Now you can see the trajectory of Maria’s journey
! Abnormal conditions such as! And belly will be added during the trip!

(3) Surrender system! Naughty situation!
-Even in this work, the illustrations shake at high speed in the production scene (including fucking and blowjob). Brush up the system of the previous work!
(1) First, read the text and scrape the shield icon on the upper right!
(2) When all the icons are destroyed, it will be in a surrendered state and the high speed piston will be released!
(3) Vertical and horizontal High-speed shake before and after inexhaustible! (4) Finish !!
・ Etch situation
The ass is raped in the back while being cursed as a big one Squeezed, bumped on the butt, nipple hitting game, required to pee like holy water, etc.
14 production H scenes (more standing back and cowgirl) 10 fore-play cut scenes (more about milk)

(4) A lot of costumes!
-Maria costumes can be obtained directly at treasure chests, events, or bought with the money earned.
・ You can also get special costumes when abnormal conditions are added !!
・ There are some costumes that you can’t wear unless you have a high lewd level !? There are 36 types in total! With a bonus that your mouth moves when you blink and talk!

(5) There is more than one way to make money !!
・ In addition to prostitution, you can also earn money by cooking and exterminating monsters.
In other words, you can aim to clear the story without betraying your husband without prostitution as much as possible! Aim for a happy ending! It is installed!
・ This work was made with Tsukuru mv. (Resolution 1280 x 960)
・ Please check the operation with the trial version (about 15% volume of the product version) that you can play in the village in the early stages.

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