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Developer: ERO PIXEL
Publisher: ERO ACTION
Released: 24 Oct, 2023
Game Format: Action
Genre: animated, male protagonist, rape, vaginal sex, male domination, female domination, big ass, big tits, group sex, oral sex, combat, side-scroller, creampie, humor
File Size: 70 MB

– Story –

The story begins in the midst of a deadly virus that targets men all over the world. There is a man who is the only survivor in this situation. The man’s name is Damon, and he happens to be the only survivor left behind in the lab.

Damon decides to save himself and combine his powers to save the world. He will focus on leveraging information within the lab to find the origins and vulnerabilities of viruses. At the same time, he must escape from the laboratory and use his own survival skills to search for other survivors.

Ready for his adventures and dangers, Damon heads out of the lab and into a new world. He faces various challenges and hardships, but uses his self-determination and knowledge to reach out to other survivors around the world and resolve to fight against the virus.

Damon’s story emphasizes hope, courage, and the human survival instinct, and charts his journey from his beginnings in a research lab to saving the world. He now embarks on a journey to heal the world from the virus, with a new beginning and hope. The journey will be filled with many adventures and trials.

– key features –

Fast Action Play: Simple yet addictive fast action play, players experience gameplay that requires instant reaction and skill.

Variety of Weapons and Tools: Utilize a wide variety of weapons and tools to diversify the way you fight and try out new strategies to defeat your enemies.

Exciting level design: Each level is filled with unique designs and obstacles, puzzles, boss battles and more to keep you from getting bored and providing new challenges over and over again.

Character Progression: Players can develop their own powerful warrior by upgrading their character’s stats and skills as they progress through the game.

Familiar Controls and Difficulty Adjustment: Players can enjoy the game to their preference by providing familiar controls and difficulty adjustment options for beginners to advanced players alike.

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Great graphics, animation and gamefeel, but you’ll see most of what the game has to offer in the first few minutes. A few notes- the difficulty level changes of its own accord when you restart after dying. Beware the green and pink ones with knives, they can one-hit kill you on any difficulty. Fucking the enemies seems to have no benefit other than being fun, you don’t get any more currency or a meter boost by doing it, and it leaves you vulnerable. Sometimes instead of food the barrels have gold or gems, they seem to serve no purpose. You… Read more »