[ACT] Brilliant Blooming Excel Chiffon ver.1.03 (JP)

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Circle: mille-feuille / petit mille-feuille
Released: Mar/25/2022
Product format: Action
Genre: Violation, Restraint, Gangbang, Tentacle, Bestiality, Machine Sex, Interspecies Sex, Corrupted Morals
File size: 3.54 GB

A side-scrolling action game with with smooth, beautiful combos, two lovely transforming heroines, and plentiful H!

– Choose between two heroines. The heroine you don’t select will support you as an AI.
Of course, 2 player co-op is an option too!
When one heroine goes down, Rescue Mode will begin.
If failure to rescue your partner, and are defeated, a bad end H scene will occur.

– 2 types of H scenes are included, animated H in the action parts, and CG event H in the adventure part.
The H content will change depending on what enemies defeat you, how many times you’ve been defeated,
and the story route.

The girls might get raped by devil orcs, krakens, evil henchmen, tentacles, or even regular citizens.
Bad ends involve gangbangs, machine sex, crucifixion, and corruption to evil.

– Lots of extra missions give you a reason to keep playing the game! Can you get 100% completion?

– Use points accumulated through gameplay to power up the heroines, adjust game difficulty, unlock H scenes, etc.
Even those who aren’t good at action games can fully enjoy the game!

Best friends Natsuki and Mifuyuu encounter a mysterious light on the way home from school.
The light speaks to them, and speaks to them of a danger threatening the planet,
and that they must accept the power and responsibility of battling it.
Soon enough, the Elgonian Empire from another world arrives…can the two girls protect the planet!?

ADV Part ⇔ Beat’em up part (fulfilling certain conditions changes the story route)
Get violated if you’re defeated in battle
→ Try to recover!?
→ Or fail miserably? = BAD END

A game over will lead to ultimate violation as well!
See if you can complete the game with both heroines’ virginity intact…

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· smooth action
· adjustable difficulty (it can be a breeze if you grind even on the hardest setting)
· quality cg and animation
· multiple paths & endings
x no english yet


The game is pretty much unplayable. Not sure if its just me but everything is super laggy and stutters. Happens during combat and even when skipping text. Tried running in compatability mode which didn’t help either

Edit: The issue doesn’t seem to happen anymore after switching compatability and trying afew times. But does anyone have a full save?

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the torrent doesn’t seem to work, I’m using qBittorrent and it always just says “Stalled” and has no HTTP sources… Does anyone else have this problem?