[SLG] Kemomimi Training ~The Sexual Trials of a Raging Kemomimi Mistress~ + Dark Scene DLC [EnglishMTL]

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ケモミミ☆トレーニング ~狂暴けもみみ令嬢調教トライアル

Circle: Circle Meimitei
Released: Mar/04/2022
Product format: Simulation
Genre: Male Protagonist, Kemo/Animalization/ Transfur, Maid, Lovers, Cheating/Adultery, Foot Job, Shame/Humiliation, Reverse Rape
File size: 583.62 MB

The protagonist is working at the Reapers Club.
Or, at least he was, until he broke a precious vase, and milady Shiine fired his ass.
Crippled with debt, his only choice to pay everything back is to become a “Trainer”.
His first job is to straighten up a famously aggressive kemomimi girl…

27 base CG (+4 with the DLC)
2 heroines, along with other characters with clothing variations

Sexual Training
Use a combination of items and commands to train your target well.
As you raise her parameters, the commands options change as well.
“Train” your lady well!
Finally, you can confirm the heroine’s sexual exploits in the log at any time!

– Protagonist
A man hired by the Reapers Club, then fired for breaking master Shiine’s precious vase.
Despite his humble upbringing and complete lack of experience with the opposite sex,
his only choice is to accept a new job as a sexual trainer…

– Ulunhilda (CV: Yukari Aoyama)
An animal-eared girl who has been purchased, and sent off for sexual “training”. (She is the only character being trained in this game)
She’s fierce and haughty, so other trainers have wanted no part of her.
In this world, animal-ears are super rare, particularly her golden ones. They are treasured as jewels.
Unfortunately for Ulunhilda, her regular life attending a high-class school ended when she grew them…

– Hazuki (CV: AkinoHana)
A former maid of the protagonist’s old workplace, though she was fired at the same time as him.
Now she acts as his maid, aiding him in his new work by helping him practice, and selling useful items.

– Chibi Kemomimi (CVs: Miru / KiminoRiruru / Wata’ameTabeko)
Mysterious kemomimi soldiers. A certain condition causes them to multiply in number…

H Scenes
Erotic genre include: fondling, fingering, handjob, cunnilingus, 69, footjob, titjob, fellatio,
sumata (intercrural sex), genital expansion, spanking, slime bath, sex, preg-belly, etc.

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I may be stupid, but how do you save in this game? I can only see the load option.


what am i suppose to do ? getting more money or finish training ?