[SLG] Witch’s Request [EnglishMTL]

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Circle: POME
Released: Dec/09/2022
Product format: Simulation
Genre: Touch / Feel, Successive Orgasms, Foreign Objects, Internal Cumshot, Egg Laying, Tease, Scatology, Tentacle
File size: 280 MB

One day I wake up in a room I don’t know.
There was a woman who called herself a “witch”.
Although she is suspicious, when she hears her story, she says that she has something to ask of her.
And if it’s for that, I’ll give her body in return…

Game content
This is a fully voiced and fully animated simulation game where you can freely touch a witch.
You can enjoy a slightly special and naughty life with her using various tools.
At first, there are few things you can do, but by “conversing” and “touching” with her, you will be able to unlock tools and actions that can be purchased.
It’s up to you to etch gently or etch hard.
Please enjoy her body as you like.

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is shidding and farding avoidable? can you turn it off?


ATTENTION ! For the persons who want to play this, check the tags. This is not only a lovey dovey touchy feely game. The sex scenes are about extreme BDSM. You know vomiting, giant insertion, strangulation in so way, fleshy objects, scatology etc…. So be prepared.


Don’t mind me. I’m just commenting so I can “bookmark” this game to play later.


How to unlock all the memories?


How do you rise poison stat?


Does anyone have a problem with saving in this game? I click on Save and for some reason it doesn’t keep it I lost file data.


this is pretty good

Condom Warrior

save file?


Anyone knows how to unlock 2nd and 3rd reminiscence picture?