[RPG] The Wreck of the Spaceship Todoroki ver.1.02 [English-Machine Translated]

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Circle: natyusyo
Released: Dec/18/2021
Translator: curious_sheeve
Product format: Role-playing
Genre: SF, Internal Cumshot, Pregnancy / Impregnation, Breast Milk, Egg Laying, Naughty/Lewd, Rape, Big Breasts
File size: 997.28 MB

Full save included

It was their final test before employment at a certain space development company…
Izumi and John experience some trouble with their small spacecraft, and it collides with a rather large vessel. In order to free their own ship, the pair has to board the larger one… which turns out to be the Todoroki, a craft used for secret experiments.

Anyone who comes into contact with “Mysterious Being X” will require 3 injections to ward off its influence. Luckily Izumi has one, but to find the other two, the pair will need to explore the Todoroki thoroughly. But a side effect of the injections is that Izumi starts to get hornier…

[Recommended for fans of…]
– Big tits and big butts!
– Super tight suits!
– Pregnancy and big bellies!
– Fully-nude sex!
– Pose art H-scenes!

[About the H Scenes]
Includes stationary and moving elements. Some events will come naturally along with the story, and some you’ll have to seek out for yourself. It can be a little bit hard to figure out sometimes, so there’s a text file included with some hints as to how to get different scenes and endings.

[Walkthrough Details]
The game includes lots of keys and gimmicks. Check out the walkthrough hint file included with the full release so you can figure out anything that’s giving you trouble!

* While there are a few full-screen CGs, this game is primarily focused on pose art H scenes.
* Includes no depictions of birthing, but there is some egg laying.

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thanks brother


the torrents i download to download from here takes forever even if its something new thats posted


Boobs: Massive
Plot: depends , it seem funny to me,tho. Although it appear to be rushed.
Gameplay: my head is a little hurted, and walking through the same hallway cause me concussion.
=> worse version of “Yokai and her lost fragments” but still hot.