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オブジェクトコントロール -Object Control- 謎の隔離施設に収容された存在(Object)から犯され出産し脱出を図るサバイバルアドベンチャー

Circle: mico
Released:  Dec/15/2021
Product format: Adventure
Genre: Woman’s Viewpoint, Internal Cumshot, Pregnancy / Impregnation, Childbirth, Rape, Bestiality, Interspecies Sex
File size: 1.05 GB

The protagonist is rudely awakened by the sound of an emergency alarm.
Shattered glass litters the room. A once firmly sealed steel door stands wide open.
She has never stepped foot here. A once strictly contained lifeform is now free,
and security is on high alert.
Does this girl stand any chance of escape?

She has no fighting capabilities, but she does possess the special power to give birth from the semen of any species.

By releasing the many “Objects” contained within the facility, getting raped by them,
and giving birth from their semen, she can use their numbers to overwhelm the guards.
Perhaps this power will help her escape her predicament…

* Note: This is a survival adventure game, not a horror game.
There are no depictions of brutal injuries, bleeding, death, or anything that hardcore.

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how to open red gate?


Great artwork but lack of any kind of guideline or tutorial inside the game. If you are willing to actually play the game and see the ending, then here’s how. As written above, the main object of the game is to make babies with every monsters to escape the facility. Literally. If you meet the necessary conditions(giving birth to every creature possible), the gates will open, and makes the guard drop the next tier card key beside the gate. If you hear a warning coming out in a female voice after labor, it means that you met the condition and… Read more »

Last edited 7 months ago by Museca

Wish he made a game like his previous, Fallen Princess, the camera and controls were much better in this one, but the gameplay so shallow and poorly explained. Was fun to figure out how the game worked, but just became a chore after a while. Still bought it anyways because Mico makes the best 3D pregnancy simulator in hentai games.


hum, wher is the batroom