[ADV] Level 100 Male Hero Who Loses To The Temptation Of A Level 1 Succubus Begging For His Life And Is Mercilessly Level Drained [EnglishMTL-CH]

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Circle: LoserLoseEmpire
Released: Sep/30/2021
Language: English (Autotranslator), Chinese
Product format: Adventure
Genre: Buttocks Dirty Talk 3D Works Succubus/Incubus Coquettish/Seduction Reverse Rape Submissive Man Big Breasts
File size: 66.76 MB

The story of a level 100 male hero who loses to the temptation of a level 1 succubus begging for his life and is mercilessly level drained and squeezed.
The main character (male hero) of level 100 is asked to subdue the succubus during the journey.
He was a succubus who made a surprise attack, but the level was only 1.
The main character of level 100 was to subdue the succubus without difficulty… but he decided to subdue after enjoying the big breasts and hips of the succubus.
The difference in level is obvious.
It just releases a little of the libido that has accumulated on a long trip… it’s okay…​

● Specifications
・ All games made by Unity!
・ H scene with smooth animation!
・ Immediately enter the H scene!

● Situations It is a short game that mainly focuses on dirty words and 3D animation. There is a setting that saliva and love juice of succubus have a powerful aphrodisiac effect.
・ Succubus and saliva exchange licking kiss. She is raped in her mouth with her long tongue while being fanned by a virgin and erected mercilessly.
・ Succubus saliva lotion handjob Countdown ejaculation with a succubus’s nasty handjob specializing in sexual skills.
・ In addition to succubus, blow job with your mouth After being licked with a long tongue, mouth ejaculation with a high-speed blowjob.
・ Succubus waist temptation dance Temptation of the hero with a waist dent dance to make it go live.
・ Production sex with succubus Push down and insert, but ejaculate immediately. Be patient and countdown continuous ejaculation.
・ Production sex with succubus (level 97) If you were made to cum before ejaculation, the winning sex game started. Ejaculation with a lie pant.
・ Succubus who became a complete strong man and cowgirl sex A merciless reverse rape with the magic of activating the Kindama sperm factory with the magic taken from the brave man.
・ Succubus and harem sex that became 3 bodies by alter ego magic Ejaculation is promoted from one ear, and ejaculation is prohibited from one ear, but high-speed cowgirl female-on-male reverse rape. It was
・ High-speed cowgirl squeezing sex while sticking to the glans in the womb The last stand was empty, and the last ejaculation in the brave life.
・ Epilogue The hero who thought that he was exhausted and died ……, but was able to taste more living hell.

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