[Others] Celsius Room 509 [JP-EN-Uncen] (VR Supported)

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Circle: Moyashi Institute of Technical Research
Release: Dec/12/2021
Product format: Miscellaneous Games
Genre: Buttocks, 3D Works, Masturbation, Urination/Peeing, Scatology, Nekomimi (Cat Ears)
File size: 3.39 GB
System requirements: SteamVR HTC VIVE

Tested and working fine on Win10 with JP system locale

Peeping + Shooting + VR!
What are the two greatest things to do in VR?
Shooting, and peeping, of course?
Now, what if you could do both in one game…!?

Kaede from “Eliminator Kaede” can now be peeped upon in 360-degree glory, even when she’s expelling waste!
And guess what, there are shooting/target games in there, too!

You can customize Kaede’s skin color, hair color, nipple color, even her piss color!

The shooting / target-shooting is VR-only, but other parts of the game are controlled with mouse/keyboard only.

* Please refrain from playing for long periods of time, as VR can put a strain on your eyes.
Take a break immediately if you feel any change in your condition during gameplay.

SteamVR is required to play even in non-VR mode (keyboard/mouse controls).
When playing in non-VR mode, please disconnect your VR device.

This game includes sexual depictions, and other more fetishistic expressions.
The more hardcore content is designed to be accessed by player choice,
so don’t worry if you’re averse to such depictions.

Please see your VR hardware manual for instructions on setting up VR.

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Tested it yesterday, was a dissapointment as someone who had been waiting for this game for many months. This game is pretty much worse than Eliminator Kaede in term of gameplay, if you have no VR you won’t get anything much out of this game beside watching the girl doing her things and there is not many thing you can do. Unlike the previous game where you can just go anywhere in the map freely, this game restrict you from even playing shooting mode if you have no VR. The graphics and optimization is better than eliminator kaede tho but… Read more »


If you do have a VR setup, this is one of the best simulator out there, and it also includes a bonus shooting game lol. This one is similar to “Girl stuck in hole” which also needs a VR setup to experience the beauty and fun. so why not get yourself a VR set, you can also access a lot of free VR content and AV porn hentai whatever and so much more 😀 Oh this one is even uncensored! for a Japanese game, rare and appreciated greatly, only thing censored is scat, and you can just avoid choosing it… Read more »

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how to deal with white screen ?
non vr mode

Last edited 11 months ago by 42Rainbow

Also experiencing the white screen glitch, happens after selecting either vr or non-vr, can’t seem to find a solution for it.


After playing a few more hours, I find this game is still in a unpolished state, first, in VR you can’t adjust vertical camera view, only in option there’s a slider. dunno if the author is thinking you should actually bend down to see the “main event”. second, the character customization is lacking, there is enough for a “test drive” but not the whole “tour” you thought you would get. third, I dunno if it’s how I play, or just bug, I can’t get the girl to climax in VR or desktop mode, only the same few reactions, over and… Read more »