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Circle: Goodnight Developers
Release: Nov/20/2021
Translator: backtrow / broken_division
Product format: Simulation
Genre: Hand Job, Foot Job, Breast Sex, Blowjob/Fellatio, Reverse Rape, Submissive Man
File size: 179.77 MB

You are in debt, what do you do?​

Earn coins by spinning pachi slot-style slots ! Successful
Chance Zone [Hunting Mode] will start a tiny bonus ! Don’t miss the
familiar blackout production of slotters .

The protagonist was burdened with debt and fled to
the back casino run by Succubus .
Aim to win 1 million yen worth of prizes at slots You can use coins
at the back casino, which has been renovated from the hotel, and refresh yourself at restaurants and public baths.

Includes slimy moving Live2D animation and pant voice!
More than 50 types including differences are included!

The bonus card gacha also includes one cut from the previous work!
Aim for a comp with the extra coins!

Translator Notes:
Translation status: UI & Help tips COMPLETED included functional buttons, some unfunctional images remained untranslated.
Overall translated: 96%.
Some of the buttons too pretty for me to translate.

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Link 2

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Mai@KF.dll not found, anyone having the same problem?


So I’m not sure if I’m dumb or not but I cant run the game it’s asking for a licensing key…


Trying to put VN and Slot machine together, but failing at both, it’s shit.

Condom Warrior

Yo ~

Heres the save

Copy and paste in the data folder.


mai@kf.dll is the crack plugin generated, and antivirus loves to stop that.