[ACT] Last Island [R18] (JP-EN-CH-Uncen)

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Circle: Fox Muffler
Release: Aug/14/2019
OS: Windows, Mac
Language: English, Chinese, Japanese
Work Format: Action
Genre: 3dcg, Adventure, Action, Male protagonist, Female protagonist, Multi protagonist, 3D Animation, Fighting, Romance, Nudity, Eroticism
File Size: 2.54GB

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Explore the wide-open plains and discover the secret of the beautiful island!
A 3D battle action game set in a large open world!

The Last Island is a mysterious land where you can live an ordinary life
while talking with others islanders, buying weapons, and falling in love…
But despite all this, on the other side of the island there are rumors of monsters…

[Character Customization]
In addition to looks and body-part sizes, you can change the eye patterns, clothing,
and even create custom outfits for characters!
In addition, after game completion, you can…?

From swords, daggers, magical staffs, and even cursed scrolls,
to shields, broad swords, arrows, and hammers, a variety of weapons are introduced!
Over 100+ items total!

[Love Simulation]
You can freely fall in love with islanders, so if you see a girl you like, talk to her!
Once you start getting along you can go on dates, or even invite her home…?

Monsters will automatically pop up on the map.
Though it’s a peaceful world, be prepared to fight at a moment’s notice!

[Character Voicing]
You can change the personality settings of your characters.
Enjoy as the vocal tone of characters change according to their personality!

Event animation included for boss battles.
We guarantee that the characters’ various expression will draw you into this world!

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Rean Schwarzer

someone who has played it knows if it’s h or not?

Naka Dashi

WARNING: Essay ahead. So I’ve been playing this game for about…2-3 hours now? It’s…pretty damn bad. So if you want to get “together” with someone in this game then you need build affection with them, and you do so by giving them presents (crystals, gems, necklaces etc) and in order to buy those presents you need to kill monsters. They drop a fair amount of gold so amassing presents isn’t hard, but it does take a while to max their affection. A bit too long imo. This leads me to the combat…it is absolutely ATROCIOUS. It’s probably the worst combat… Read more »

high grind

Okay, so I saw an open-world decent looking cel-shaded game and I decided to give it a shot. Unfortunately, I failed to notice that it is another game created by none other than Fox Muffler. The same Fox Muffler that gave us… “””gems””” like BADTOWN. Visually, the game is actually pretty cute. It has a cel-shaded style that reminds me to games like Wind Waker. Unfortunately, while it looks nice in screenshots, the game itself runs like utter garbage, the pop in is unbelievable even on high settings and the moment you start moving you realize that things just phase… Read more »

Shuurou Ryuuzou

Respect to the fallen comrades that has sacrificed themselves to know whether this game is any good.
I also didn’t notice it has Fox Muffler as the circle, and their previous games is yep “utter sadness” incarnate.
So, thank you for your service, and I hope the next ones that might download can reconsider from comments here.
Cheers and happy fapping.

Reian Duvael

So my experience with this was pretty atrocious… The game looks nice visually, if a little bright, but goodness is the performance terrible. Pop in and frame rate issues for days. I can’t comment on the combat since I didn’t get to partake in any… whenever an enemy would get near enough to me for combat to ensue it would promptly fall through the world and disappear never to be seen or heard from again. I’m not sure if there was supposed to be a cutscene after defeating the first golem encountered since, as above, it fell through the world… Read more »